Where did the money go?

by Bob Runciman, Toronto Sun
TORONTO – There’s no question that the ORNGE scandal merits the concentrated focus of Ontario’s opposition parties and the creation of a select committee to thoroughly investigate what happened and why, and, if possible, recover millions of taxpayers’ dollars.  However, one hopes these same parties don’t continue to ignore an even larger scandal, one laid bare in December by the provincial auditor general.  This one affects every resident and business in this once-prosperous province – the past, present and future impacts of the Green Energy Act.

We need to take a closer look at the people who profited from it and the people who, behind closed doors – without cabinet, caucus or public consultation developed policies that will give Ontario the highest electricity rates in North America and cripple our future economic prospects.   Read article

4 thoughts on “Where did the money go?

  1. Lower FITs will not stop the “new” installations of wind & solar projects in Ontario. As the prices for wind and solar equipment declines this makes the return on investment/ROI in these projects remain about the same or even to increase. Developers and investors look for the amount of return on investments when deciding whether or not to build a project.
    Also “green” energy bonds may enter the wind & solar business shorty as a new means of financing these renewable projects. So FITs could go out and green bonds in as a means of financing renewable energy.
    The only way out is to get rid of wind and solar.

  2. Barbara ,
    Do you know whether there was any connection to the H.G.C. Engineering report re- released on Dec 16 2011 , stating “no direct health risks ” from wind turbines and the wind industry ? Would greatly appreciate this information .

    • Don’t know but maybe one of our health experts has the answer. Do know that ‘health” information from this report showed up on websites that support IWTs including companies that are in the IWT business. Used to support investments in IWTs. Potential investors would take this information to be true and not question it. Proving a direct link would not be easy to do.

  3. This article is sending the MSM in the right direction.
    How about looking at the new rich pres. of the liberal party of Canada and the use of the Ontario subsidy payouts to him as the CEO of one of the first industrial wind complexes?
    How about looking at the oil and gas companies and their subsidy connections to generator plants, ethanol plants and political contributions?
    How about the bundling of the leases for investment trading by banks and pension funds?
    How about the least land rights being used for water extraction, mineral mining or fracking for gas?

    Dalton, is keeping a lot of his friends financially happy at everyone’s expense.

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