FIT protesters march out front of Toronto energy conference

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TORONTO –People holding placards and balloons in protest of the Ontario government’s recently announced changes to its program for procuring renewable energy blocked one of Toronto’s downtown roadways today.

A Huron County contingency was among an estimated more than 500 people who boarded buses at points across the province this morning to make the trek to the site of the Ontario Feed-in Tariff Forum, a renewable energy industry conference underway at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, on Front Street West. The third annual forum, organized by Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, brings together FIT contract holders, developers, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and government representatives. Read article

2 thoughts on “FIT protesters march out front of Toronto energy conference

  1. The estimate of 500 attendees is quite low as there were a lot of people like myself who went but didn’t take a bus. Also, when I asked others where they were from, I got an answer of Toronto from quite a few. Having attended gatherings like this before, I’m going to guess that the attendance was at least over 1,000.

    It was a very lively and surprisingly peaceful event and some good speeches. I tell ya, Conservative MPP Vic Fedeli sure gets it….makes one wonder why other MPPs in Queen’s Park don’t get it. Given the devastating effect that wind turbines have had on property values across the province, every home owner who has the potential to be within 5 miles of a wind turbine should have been at the protest and with so much on the line with respect to depleted property values, it was frankly amazing to me that people were so constrained with regards to their temperament. I don’t own a house in rural Ontario but I certainly don’t think that if I did I would be that constrained! What an incredible mess McGuinty has created with his ‘Green’ Energy Act that will take years, no decades to straighten back out. Yeah right, “GREEN, GREEEN GREEN…..NOTHING BUT A SCHEME’.

  2. I agree with Marty…the crowd was much larger than 500…and certainly closer in number to 1,000 than 500!

    Torontonians were able to see firsthand that “we” are not belligerent, car-buring individuals–after all–about a dozen or so Metro “Bicycle” police were able to keep us “in line”!

    Those of us at the protest certainly came with our signs–and “hog trough”–and we did what we could to help educate our urban friends about the GEA and FIT scam.

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