Est. 800-1000 Citizens March at Feed in Tariff Corporate Welfare Protest

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43 thoughts on “Est. 800-1000 Citizens March at Feed in Tariff Corporate Welfare Protest

  1. Thanks to Lorrie, Sherri, Janet, James and everyone else who helped “arrange” today for all of the rest of us!

    It was awesome!

    To walk on the road and to stop traffic as 800 or so people holding anti-turbine signs walked past the intersections was very empowering…and yes…a dozen or so Metro “Bicycle Officers” managed to keep us completely under control 🙂

  2. The Lambton-Middlesex gang rocks when it comes to protests. And they totally rock when it comes to great food on the bus !!!!! Thanks for everything!

    • awww- thanks ‘me’… but your homemade bread n cheese HIT the spot when we boarded that bus for the ride home. My throat was stinging. Gee… I wonder why…..Hey Hey Toronto – No Turbines- NO WAY!

  3. The estimate of 500 attendees is quite low as there were a lot of people like myself who went but didn’t take a bus. Also, when I asked others where they were from, I got an answer of Toronto from quite a few. Having attended gatherings like this before, I’m going to guess that the attendance was at least over 1,000 and probably closer to 1,500.

    It was a very lively and surprisingly peaceful event and some good speeches. I tell ya, Conservative MPP Vic Fedeli sure gets it….makes one wonder why other MPPs in Queen’s Park don’t get it. Given the devastating effect that wind turbines have had on property values across the province, every home owner who is (or has the potential to be) within 5 miles of a wind turbine should have been at the protest and with so much on the line with respect to depleted property values, it was frankly amazing to me that people were so constrained with regards to their temperament. I don’t own a house in rural Ontario but I certainly don’t think that if I did I would be THAT constrained! What an incredible mess McGuinty has created with his ‘Green’ Energy Act that will take years, no decades to straighten back out. Yeah right, “GREEN, GREEEN GREEN…..NOTHING BUT A SCHEME’.

  4. Congratulations to those who made the trip and spoke on our behalf. We need to continue beating the drum until the reverberations are so strong that GTA McGuinty can’t sleep at night-sort of like many stricken by infra vibrations.

    The Toronto Sun is on our side, but the Toronto Star doesn’t know we exist.

    • Do you know what struck me as I listened to the speeches today? There is no doubt that the McGuinty government with his Green Energy Act is not the friend of rural Ontario…. but there was somebody even physically closer to the rally today who also is not our friend. It was that green building to the left….that building is the CBC and let’s say that they are representative of the entire main stream media. Trust me on this…the lamestream media has their own agenda and that does NOT include helping you to advance yours. They may choose to ignore you completely if the message you have to deliver does not fit their sense of the narrative….and just like the Liberals in Queen’s Park, they too have bought into the same pack of lies concerning glowbull warming, green energy, coal is bad, Earth Hour and so on. There are of course some exceptions and the Toronto Sun (both in print and on television) have been pretty doggone good. If the lamestream media do actually help you, that’s called a bonus….but for the most part, don’t depend on them at all. You have to use other means to get your message out.

    • Both the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun had a not too easy to find article. As for the National Post and the Globe and Mail, nada. I don’t actually think that any of them are all that interested in the story…. mind you, most of them have never ever been to a farm either. They probably have this misconception that the farms are so big, the IWTs get swallowed up in their vastness……and thus their comprehension of the concept that life with IWTs is anything other than utopian is myopic at best.

    • Sean:
      Who is we?….5 people got the bus in Port, 3 of us do not live in Port and the other 2 do not live in Gobles. The CAW-STOP banner was carried, and the message delivered. I started the first protest for you guys, apparently 600 people. Where were you all?

      • Same website as above but see Snapshot Section.
        Oct.5,2011. Deutsche Bank agreed to provide $ 67 M revolving credit facility to support the ongoing development of SkyPower’s portfolio of utility-scale Ontario solar projects.

  5. A great day for the “voice of the people” to be heard. Thank you ,to all organizers for making the day happen and the food on the bus was a terrific touch,too.

    Lots of Toronto citizens took the time to stop and listen or read the MANY MANY signs……even an angery TTC street car driver:)
    The Metro police were very accommodating and friendly.
    Just a Samsung personal was trying to blend in…Norma spied him and got him to hold a sign while being taped on video,LOL.

    The energy generated today was uplifting.
    A big shout out once more for all the efforts by”regular’ Ontario citizens.

  6. Toronto Star this morning.. Front page photo in GTA section. And another photo with story on page 3.
    I watched CBC news on TV from 5 pm on…..Nothing.
    I know I saw a CBC cameraman there. Wonder why he even bothered.
    Maybe he was taking film for McGuinty to watch.

  7. All the ‘media’, including local, and just like Liberal and NDP MPPs, will always hide behind the Green Energy Act and refuse to support rural Ontario. Even Tim Hudak and his party have only so far made empty promises as they are in no position to influence either Liberal or NDP.
    Every story you see or hear always ends up by tacitly supporting the Ontario Green Energy Industries(the majority foreign owned and not Canadian)with little if any genuine concern ever shown towards the rural communities directly affected!
    It’s nice seeing Letters to Editors making well researched and completely logical arguments about the harm Industrial Wind Turbines and Industrial Solar arrays are doing not just to rural Ontario but the province as a whole. Any letter writer who still believe anyone is really taking notice is living in a dream world I’m afraid.
    There is only one elected and authorised group in Ontario with any credibility who can make a difference and they are our local elected Councils. And sadly many of those are still scared of their own unelected staff and unwilling to impose their authority.
    They are the ones who should ALL be fighting these projects already in their municipalities and those who have not yet been overrun by IWTs and ISAs.
    There is so much evidence now available, from worldwide, professional and recognised experts, to prove beyond doubt that these projects are uneconomical and have huge negative public health impacts.
    When we have a few of those Councils ready to take on the private for profit Industrial Wind Energy and Solar Companies there is so much they could do if they have the courage:
    Demand huge payments and penalty clauses for projects currently in the process(why should it be any different for a Council to demand annual payments similar or even more than the annual payments being freely offered to host property owners?)
    Impose Safe Set Back Distances and Noise Limits similar to those now being accepted worldwide and recommended by the World Health Organisation, the Danish government and others. Impose Bylaws requiring 100% liability for any future negative public health and economic impacts. That is a perfectly reasonable thing for anyone to expect?
    Bylaws to protect the community against catastrophic events(fires 200mtrs up on a IWT tower, the collapse of a tower, lightning strikes on a tower, etc., etc.,)
    And then enforce them. Their staff even their own lawyers will whine and tell them they can’t do this! I don’t believe the Municipal Act and other legislation gives them any option where negative public health and economic impacts on their own communities are a proven outcome.
    The Chief Building Official is the local unelected officer who signs off on Building Permits.
    If the elected Council do not have the authority to instruct him/her NOT to issue Building Permits
    then why do have have an elected Council?
    Refuse to issue any Building Permits for both Industrial Wind and Solar projects until all locally authorised Bylaw’s are complied with.
    Then let the IWT companies(and McGuinty’s political and bureaucratic stooges if they so wish), prove in a court that any single one of the above are not perfectly reasonable precautions for an elected Council to take, particularly as they are all legally responsible for protecting the best public health and economic interests of those who elected them.
    No one is going to help us but ourselves. Time for those we elected to stop making the excuse ‘There is nothing we can do about it because of the Green Energy Act.’
    They haven’t even tried challenging it yet……………….

    • Andrew makes a very pragmatic comment about something that may actually have an effect – concerted municipal action. To expect protests and related media to have the desired effect is many eggs in one, historically weak, basket. To his “huge payments…” clause I would add that no payment should be accrued to any landowner exclusively, especially if they have a turbine on their property. The air that flows over the municipality is a resource all must agree on sharing, or else it must not be sold. If projects were approached by municipalities FOR the betterment of all in the municipality (i.e. setbacks, equitable distribution of financial gains, insurance against catastrophe, etc., no win-lose propositions) many of these projects might just go away since they would not be lucrative enough for the proponents or even possible (in the case of set backs). Is this not the only fair way to approach this, as a democracy? We all must win. NO haves and have nots, especially when the haves either vacate their land or live in the city away from the effects.

      • When a Council represents the interests of anyone other than their electorate then they must be labelled traitors and should be forced to resign their posts! Dereliction of duty would be the underlying cause but we have better words for it……………..treasonous behaviour.’
        All one has to do is ask this one question of their Council: Do you represent the Premier of Ontario or the PEOPLE who elected you?
        They only have one answer to give and that is the PEOPLE!…………..if they say that then anything they pass that harms the people makes them liars!
        Start calling them on it!

  8. Mark on your calendars for the next event when CanWea blows into the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto Oct.14-17 ,2012. Lots of time to organize something really big.
    Other Events…..
    Canwea has an event Fri Apr 20 at the Delta London Armouries Hotel -Chris Bentley [Ontarios version of Comical Ali] guest speaker.
    Canwea has a luncheon on Apr 25 at the Sheridan Centre in Toronto.
    Also, these bandits have co-opted June 15th as International Wind Day. Maybe we can do a push-back on that as well.

  9. The world watches!
    Any day now – soon –
    the mayors and councils across Ontario will demonstrate –
    their outrage –
    towards privateers forcing them – into ‘talking’ –
    behind closed doors.
    Yeah – any day now!

  10. To understand progress of how GOOD the media coverage was, you have to have been at one of these things 3 years ago, even 2 years ago! A very short time ago, there was not even a blip of a mention that we were there. This time we did get articles and even a picture in the Star, CBC radio was talking about it the next day although I never heard it. I’ve seen a few articles from across the country on it. I really, really like the idea of heading back before winter for another protest. Please join me in writing letters to MPPs and to papers re Chris Bently speaking at an industry luncheon, helping to hold up a crumbling energy agenda that hurts Ontario people, quite literally out in rural Ontario.

    • I agree. We need another protest, and numbers count. Just so anyone afraid to attend knows, we are the tamest protesters who ever existed.
      Land owners, people concerned about health issues, worried about environmental effects etc… We had short chants which gave moral support, but altogether we have a similar cause.
      It is hard to feel good that even with the numbers we had, there seemed very little coverage. Just not wild and newsworthy enough. I don’t understand how average people fighting to protect their health and the future of Ontario is not newsworthy. There should not be a rural/urban divide. We are in Ontario together, and Dalton should not be creating such a contempt for rural, Crown and Native lands.

  11. Oh, and just that morning the CBC announced the budget changes about not informing the public regarding Endangered species kill and Crown land usage. Being that they were right beside our protest, how come none of this was ever connected?!!! Some investigation.

    • The rural IWT protesters didn’t look much like the G-20 mobs so no exciting news to cover. No tear gas,burning cars and smashed windows to film for TV viewing.

  12. We may have had some effect. I visited family in Chatham-Kent this weekend and discovered that one planned wind development is very likely not going forward. While I suspect that the FIT revisions are the major factor, the developer is apparantly citing opposition from the OFA and rural residents the reason for backing off.

    Do we have them on the run? I hope so! Lets keep up the pressure.

    • Likewise, I received word from a developer in Renfrew County that he has abandoned an IWT installation because of local opposition and because of the “huge grey area” surrounding health effects, property values and current (educated) public opinion.

      I acknowledged his excellent perception and congratulated him on his wise decision.

      Just one more step in the right direction … the house of cards is teetering …

      • Is there an entity or info ready available to landowners who have lease(s) but want to get out of it (them)?
        I have heard that some want out.
        Is it difficult to get out of lease?
        Is it costly?
        Any info would be appreciated.

      • Very difficult to get out of leases done by IWT lawyers as these leases cover just about any lease conditions one could imagine. You would need a good lawyer to determine if there are any loopholes in the leases that would get you out.

      • Find a lawyer/law firm with experience in dealing with commerical and/or real estate leases. Lawyers specialize just like doctors do. Maybe your local lawyer knows who does this type of work. Ask a law school librarian how to locate one or ask the Law Society.

  13. Very good write up by Anne Howden-Thompson in this week’s Ontario Farmer. The Ontario Farmer is a weekly ag. magazine and is widely read by the farm community.

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