Wind power opponents take to Toronto streets

Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press

TORONTO – Protesters from rural communities across Ontario gathered in Toronto today to tell cities they need to join their fight against wind farms. A few hundred protesters — with signs decrying the health, financial and community impact of industrial wind power — also called for the ouster of Premier Dalton McGuinty because of his green-energy policies.

Listowell dairy farmer Ralph Coneybeare says the turbines make no financial sense, especially when the province could be making better use of cheaper power sources, such as hydroelectric.

He says turbines create tension between neighbours who want them and those who don’t.

Sherri Lange, of the group North American Platform Against Windpower, calls the feed-in-tariff program known as FIT “an obscenity” that will lead to higher electricity rates and drive businesses from the province.

McGuinty says recent changes to Ontario’s clean-energy plans should appease the critics, pointing to plans to lower premiums the province pays for future wind and solar energy projects.

He also says the province will favour projects proposed in communities that support turbines, although the government has stopped short of giving municipalities a veto over new installations.

8 thoughts on “Wind power opponents take to Toronto streets

  1. Nice to see that this caught the attention of a paper in Winnipeg even if they misspelled Listowel … Sheeesh, it is hard enough to get the Toronto papers excited enough to do a story on anything that conflicts with their narrative of ‘green energy’ and those dastardly ‘coal fired dirty power plants’.
    Just a note here to all those who attended the Toronto protest…. the very fact that “McGuinty says recent changes to Ontario’s clean-energy plans should appease the critics….” (as quoted in this article) says that he is nowhere near getting the message. As much work as it is, I actually think that another protest has to be done as soon as possible. It is one thing to do a protest like was done today that allows McGuinty to look at the footage of that crowd of wonderful people and say “well, they look like such wonderful, nice, peace abiding people. They are not like the G-20 thugs…..I have nothing to worry about and if I go and hide in a closet somewhere, I can just wait them out and they will go away.” That absolutely cannot be allowed to happen….. the message that he needs to get is that is a group of citizens who have been harmed beyond belief by HIS Government’s policies and they are NOT going to just shut and go away. The only recourse to getting the government to correct this ‘mistake’ is to keep the pressure and keep it on hard. And I’m sorry to have to say but one fun filled day enjoying the nice weather, good musicians and great speeches in Toronto AIN’T GONNA DO IT.

    • Marty,
      The protest was very well organized and orchestrated. Yes, I had a good time in the sun. So what? Would it have been more successful if it had poured rain?

      Anyway this protest was ONLY ONE event of the many , many protests, meetings, open houses, visit to QP, MPP meetings, legal wranglings, info sessions, many have attended and will attend.

      So I am pretty sure that we are well aware that this collective one-off is not the end all be all. But let me tell you, it felt pretty damn good to be in TO yesterday with a group of like-minded people. To see a loooooonnnngggg line of people carrying their signs and chanting, snaking through the downtown area.

      Keep up the good work everyone!

    • Marty, there are many, many aspects involved in the IWT problems. No one person can do all of this work. So people are doing the necessary tasks that they know how to do or have the knowledge & time to do them. Many hands make light work.

  2. Ah, another armchair critic on efforts put forward by others. Yes, it’s a lot of work to put a protest together and I look forward to attending the one you put together. Let me know when you have it ready to go and I’ll let everyone else know about it.
    McGuinty ‘gets’ it alright. Many in urban centers do not. Going into any city and using vandalism and violence to get a point across is not going to bring the message about McGuinty and his garbage to the people living there. It will probably accomplish the exact opposite.
    Don’t be afraid of people going away. They aren’t. Everytime we do this, the numbers grow. Rural Ontario gets it. So does this dictatorship of a government. Cities are next. Let’s keep putting it on the radar.
    I’m planning a trip to Peter Tabuns office in Toronto. Anyone who thinks they can change Mr. Tabuns by giving him ‘the facts’, please let me know. I need you to make the appointment to go in and talk to him. In the meantime, a number of us will be outside handing information out to people who live there and educating some of the people who might give a DAMN about what we have to say.

  3. To any who will simply take the step to physically phone MPP Peter Tabun’s office, make an appointment to see him at his Toronto constituency office (not Queen’s Park) and sit in his office and talk at him, email me, call me. or 519-922-3072. A couple of us will pull the info together for you to present, go over it with you and have it ready to set into your hands to take in to leave with Petie after he sits and nods at you for 15 minutes to half an hour, pretending to be interested.
    I have info flyers ready to go here for distribution on the street outside and a few who want to join me to do this.
    We would like to do this for Horwath and for any other MPPs sitting in urban centers. Just contact me and we will make this happen.

  4. From a sweet friend who was forced from a beloved home because of turbines:Remember the days when you used to go to the local outdoor market to buy fresh baked goods, flowers and honey, and not to drag 120 “STOP THE WIND TURBINE” signs from the trunk of your car in hopes of educating the visitors.

    Remember the days when you went to a council meeting because your neighbour two farms down wanted to sever a lot and build their parents a home, but not to beg the council to uncover some hidden ancient by-law to protect the sanctity of your health and home from swarming developers.

    Remember when you could contact your health department with a concern and they would do everything in their power to help you, whatever it took, and they did not dismiss, insult and deny you with an issue serious enough that forced you to leave your home.

    Remember when you used to get together once a year with your neighbours at the local town hall to have potluck just to catch up, not to line up at microphones wondering how you were going to protect each other?

    Remember when children and the elderly were protected and cherished as those who may be considered at a disadvantage or needed extra loving care, not some extras in the household with “collateral damage” signs hanging from their necks.

    Remember when someone asked what your favourite thing is and you said just going home, having a drink on the deck and forgetting my cares for the day, instead of locking the windows and doors up tight to block out the invasion and running away when you have to.

    Remember when you used to go to family weddings and birthdays and could get lost in the excitement celebrating with everyone else, not sitting glumly in a corner with no recall of how to carry on a conversation that wasn’t slamming the government or railing against developers.

    Remember the friends that used to come and visit once in a while, for some good conversation and a bite to eat, who now don’t come near you because you have been taken into the netherworld and you can’t get out.

    Remember when you used to get in the car and drive for miles in anticipation of a great trip to a new unknown, and not driving for miles because you have to try to convince someone you’re having a big problem and you need them to listen.

    Remember when you could come home, respond to your emails in 10 minutes and carry on with your family, and not sit in front of your computer researching, preparing and communicating until 12 AM and rising at 6 to start all over again.

    Remember your Dad, pointing out the bird species and flora so you could recognize it when they graced your home, and not staring into the back yard and wondering where all the birds went and are they safe?
    Remember the sounds on a warm summer night?

    The sounds……

    We fight on.

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