New Billboard East of Listowel

Save Your Family and Community, Stop the Wind Turbines!

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  1. Billboard Sign ???? I’ve slow dial-up and the billboard sign did not pop up . Would someone describe the sign for me please .I would love to have one on the corner of my property . Have been talking about it with friends recently . Glad to hear someone actually did it .There was one at the Rally that would be most effective and easy to grasp message . It was of mcguinty on the lower right hand corner and devastated land and wind turbines in background. Impacting !!!!!
    Message on the bottom was — My Work is Done Here — or words to that effect . However I live on a gravel side road but I would gladly contribute if it were possible to have one on a main HWY.
    Yes , Yonge and Bloor .If I only had a relative in that area ——————

    • I really liked that sign also – the one with McGuinty on it saying “My Work is Done” – we should put up more billboards with that on it.

      Some should take up Douglas Moran’s offer to put up billboard signs. He has volunteered places to put them. We need a few in the Toronto area for sure!

  2. If we could engage every municipality to put a sign up that had called for a moratorium . Our council keeps saying { and they have called for a moratorium } we can’t do anything our hands are tied .This is one thing that they can do . Why NOT ???????? That would get the mainstream media’s attention .This is a great IDEA !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Country Gal,
    Yes, that “My Work Is Done Here” poster with McGuinty sweetly smiling in foreground, & the wind turbine devastation behind is so effective! Shows at a glance exactly what we could be allowing McGuinty to turn our fertile agricultural countryside into, for our children & grandchildren.

  4. Excellent sign/billboard!
    Billboards work well, & are much cheaper than buying out Torstar, Ontarios` 2nd worst disease
    (Lieing,Theiving Liberals, are 1st worst disease).
    I`ve been trying to promote the use of signs/billboards,for well over a yr. now, offering the use of my property, at some excellent, very busy hwy intersections, plus I`m offering to supply all materials & labor to construct the billboards, if others will supply the signs to stick on them. So far no takers. No interest whatsoever.
    Hopefully more people will catch on, in the very near future.
    Although, it will soon be too late. After they are in, Ontario will be scewed, for a few generations, if not forever and a day.
    And the Feds had darned well better not be giving this Ont. gov., one dime of assistance. They re-elected Libs., they deserve no help.

  5. Douglas Moran,
    We’re near Goderich in Huron County, & if you’re nearby I’d be happy to offer my time to help with this.

  6. The Billboard signs need to go Viral all across rural Ontario . I’ve written Letters to the Editor but not everyone reads the paper . The Billboard signs are right in view of every passerby .
    I read a comment by a person handing out information sheets at the Rally and he or she stated that not one guy dressed in a suit would take a sheet . What does that imply ? Farmers put food on their tables . What is the disconnect ?
    Douglas Moran that Billboard sign offer is Super !!!!!!! You hit the target with that idea .I’m surprised that no one took you up on that offer long ago . I would have done it yesterday .Maybe people are just not angry enough yet . No one is listening to the plight of rural Ontario. How many more Stephanna Johnstons need to be victimized before it’s enough . She’s a lovely 83 year senior retired schoolteacher who attended the Rally and who can’t live in her new home , unsalable ,was on the TRUTH ABOUT TURBINES six week tour with John Leforet touring rural Ontario . Has gone to her Simcoe council several times seeking help and is accused of Bullying council . Victimize the victim . She has put a face to victimization with her presence at so many meetings and events . A true Canadian hero .Who would have thought that we would need them in a country that globally is thought of as being democratic .

    • Grass – roots signs are good and then no one can say the signs were paid for by rich anti – IWT groups. The signs were done by the people.
      Used materials and left over paint can be used. Anything signs can be made of is useful. But it is important to get this done.

  7. DoNoHarm;
    I`m in Victoria County, Bethany area, City of Mistakes (Kawartha Lakes). I don`t think we`re very close, but thanks for your offer.
    country gal;
    I think you`re right on the button. People just aren`t upset enough yet,or not enough people are upset, as they remain almost totally brainwashed by all the calming, ads by the taxpayer funded wind scammers, just as planned, by our most corrupt provincial government in history.
    I have freinds & relatives who think I`m terribly overreacting, and who just voted to re-elect Lieing Liberals yet again. By the way, they are readers of the Red Star, the Liberal Newsletter.
    That is probably one of the biggest problems in Ontario. Leftist Media, out of Leftist Ryerson College, resulting in an uninformed population of Lemmings.A Pitifully Pathetic situation indeed.

  8. I have 20 sheets of 8×4 5/8th thick osb board that I can seal against weather,can deliver!
    Moe will give you my email address if need be. Im in Huron County.

  9. Peter , wonderful —– grassroots starting —– let’s keep it Rolling , Rolling Rolling

  10. That sounds great Peter! We `ll get these billboards/signs ‘rolling’ yet !
    Now about permits, so we don`t get in trouble with the Ministry of Transportation. I called and spoke to a gal, that is/was in charge of that kind of thing and she said she`d stop by and look at my property, to tell me where and what size and the setback from the hwy, signs can be.
    That was several months ago, Nov.I think and I`ve not heard back from her again. But I`ll dig out her name & number and call her again.
    Unless someone knows those rules and can inform us of them.
    Maybe the good folk, who put up this sign east of Listowel? Excellent sign that it is! The wording is great, bang on!
    I`ll email you Peter and we can take it from there.

    • Douglas,

      The large sign “Wind Turbines and Homes Don’t Mix” mounted on the gable of a barn on the south side (eastbound) of Hwy 115 a few kilometers east of Hwy 35 is a real winner, seen by thousands of motorists daily.

  11. Douglas,
    A suggestion: erect the sign at a distance from the highway you think is reasonable and safe.
    Wouldn’t it have been a smart decision if the government would have considered the safety of the people when siting turbines?! There are locations where shadow flicker is cast on the road. This could be a distraction and a hinderance to motorists unfortunately.
    It is common for me to lose my balance, to the point of falling, when in the vicinity of the turbines. I am sure there are people who have similar experiences while they are driving in an area polluted by industrial wind turbines. It is comparative to driving while intoxicated; definitely an impairment.

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