McGuinty: My Work Here is Done

(Click for high resolution version – Free to use as posters/billboards, etc.)

11 thoughts on “McGuinty: My Work Here is Done

  1. This would make such an eye-catching billboard on the highways, along with another of a map showing the hundreds of dots where IWTs will soon be if we don’t act fast. The map billboard would relate to the county / region where the billboard is. These billboards might get our city friends to realize just how devastating McGuinty’s full-steam-ahead plans for rural Ontario are. At the moment, city people may have only noticed a rise in their electric bills & nothing more ominous. If billboards like this can be put up before everyone is on the highways on trips for summer vacations, they could be so effective!

    Douglas Moran offers: “I`ve been trying to promote the use of signs/billboards, for well over a yr. now, offering the use of my property, at some excellent, very busy hwy intersections, plus I`m offering to supply all materials & labor to construct the billboards, if others will supply the signs to stick on them. So far no takers. No interest whatsoever.”

    • Signs can be done by individuals and local groups. Just a sheets of plywood painted will work. Even a one sheet plywood sign is effective. These signs don’t have to be fancy.

      • Used materials and left over paint will make good grass-roots signs.

  2. It is not only city people that do not understand . It is people all over and in all walks of life. I know some pretty intelligent people that just do not believe there are bird and bat kills or that people are getting sick while others are loosing their homes and /or lively hood. It is amazing and yet disturbing.

  3. Carol, yes I shake my head in disbelief that some intelligent friends just don’t get it or realize it’s even an issue, but still believe what McGuinty keeps saying. Since McGuinty won’t show his face in rural Ontario, let’s put his face on these signs / billboards on our highways to show what he’s really about. We all saw how effective the signs were in Toronto this week for 1 day, so let’s have more that are along the highways all the time of images like this one, “My Work Here Is Done”.

  4. This would be one GOOD FRIDAY if we could get a grassroots billboard sign movement going across Ontario . I’m going for the ” My Work Here Is Done ” sign .
    Doug , what would I need in way of materials ? Let’s Get This Going Everyone !!!!!!!!!!! whoever can . With mcguinty’s picture on those posters ,it should be an embarrassment to him and he would have to address it in some way .It’s called EFFECTIVE MARKETING , the way the green energy package was marketed .

  5. Thanks OWR —– will do .
    Can’t thank you enough for doing such an awesome job with this site .

  6. I live in Toronto and am part of a group called Toronto Wind Action. I love this picture and am itching to use it somehow
    during the next election which could be in a couple of months. I would love to see this on a flier that is put in people’s mailboxes. Great idea re the highway signs!
    Anita Farley, Scarborough, ON.

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