CAW Tramples Local Residents

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PORT ELGIN, ON, April 11, 2012 /CNW/ – The CAW has ignored the sustained protests of hundreds of local residents of Port Elgin, Ontario, and erected a 100m tall industrial wind turbine as close as 200m to dozens of homes. Ontario law now requires such turbines to be at least 550m away from residences due to concerns about noise and health, but this turbine was approved several months before this law came into effect. A further protest is scheduled to take place this Saturday April 14 between 1 and 3pm in Port Elgin.

The Town, Chamber of Commerce, and residents have all repeatedly expressed opposition to the turbine, which can cause harmful health effects, ice throws, and devaluation of property if placed too close to residents.

Local residents formed a group called S.T.O.P., and are engaged in picketing and a boycott of CAW products. But according to spokesperson Greg Schmalz, “the CAW is responding like a corporation. It insists that it can no longer change course at this time because its has already invested significant sums of money in its project to date.” The CAW has refused to come to the bargaining table to discuss any settlement regarding the removal of the turbine.

Although the CAW has attempted to frame its project as a green initiative, the turbine is not part of a wind-farm and will not significantly contribute to Ontario’s power grid. “Effectively, the CAW’s turbine is a vanity project,” said Nicolas Rouleau, lawyer for several concerned residents. “While the turbine won’t generate much electricity, the CAW is building it to boost its green image. But in doing so, the CAW is trampling on its neighbours.” By receiving heavy public subsidies for its wind power generation, the turbine will also recover the turbine’s expenses on the taxpayer’s dime.

The turbine is expected to begin operation as early as this weekend.

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6 thoughts on “CAW Tramples Local Residents

  1. This is what happens when a Union makes a deal with the devil (McGuinty)…… stay alive and get bailed out the CAW is now basically “on the hook” to McGuinty for whatever he says they have to do for him!
    It has nothing to do with Right or Wrong, it’s all about “dirty politics”…….when one lays down with dogs expect to get fleas!!!!

    • Funny thing is, if I remember correctly, Harper contributed at minimum, equally with the province, in bailing G.M. out. Yet the CAW is ‘on the hook’ to the most corrupt, worst ever, governing Lieing Liberals, while ignoring the feds contrbution(all Canadian Taxpayers money) to saving their sorry asses.

      Maybe next time the Feds should tell them to stick there jobs, where the sun don`t shine. No solar there! They can all go work in the renewables factories for 15.00/hr.c/w no pensions or benefits,,assembling Korean made solar panels…. (If they can speak Korean).

      • Right now the Liberal Party is acting as a proxy for the NDP for attempting to put over “green” jobs. Many have fallen for good high paying “green” jobs lies political B.S.that promises to replace the already lost manufacturing jobs.

  2. I have said this before, but say it again. Aside from the health reasons and the uglliness of this unit, the CAW is planning legalized murder with the placement of this wind turbine directly in the center of the approach to the Port Elgin airport. Hey, would you put one these monstrous turbines in the centre of the road and tell drivers it is their problem?

  3. “the CAW is responding like a corporation. It insists that it can no longer change course at this time because its has already invested significant sums of money in its project to date.” Corporation is a fiction so a fiction will not mind getting hit with loads of money as in a suit (as money is the motivator to all this nonsense any-ways) So O hope you neighbours hit them with fictional dollars and let them have it as my believe is do no harm. And they dam well know it bothers people now and before. Just won’t sit in thick hard corporate brains (but money does very quickly)

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