Energy policy changes ‘bad news’ for Haldimand: Barrett

By Daniel R. Pearce, Simcoe Reformer
Recent changes to the province’s green energy program are “bad news” for Haldimand County residents opposed to wind turbines coming to their community, says MPP Toby Barrett.  Last month’s announcement by Energy Minister Chris Bentley fell short of what many town halls had wanted: veto power over wind and solar projects proposed for their jurisdictions.  Instead, municipalities in favour of hosting them will now be given “priority” status by the province, essentially directing projects to those communities.     “Bentley’s announcement is going to make things worse, certainly in Haldimand County,” Barrett said in an interview. “If your municipality is in support . . . you get moved to the front of the line.”  Read article

9 thoughts on “Energy policy changes ‘bad news’ for Haldimand: Barrett

  1. As a past resident of the Norfolk Haldimand area, I can say there are people there that , if pushed hard enough , will fight back, and the people at the top of the ladder who are supportive of the IWT’s GEA, et al, will not like the results of their decisions.. Just a matter of time, as I see it…The situation in this province is only getting worse by the day….Past history has a way of straightening things out…..’Nuff said…

  2. Hewitt said he is “philosophically” in favour of the movement towards cleaner energy and said public leaders need to strike “a balance between what is good for the environment and what is affordable.”

    Leave it to Hewitt to say something stupid.
    How uneducated is this guy about green and affordable ?

    I wonder if he also changes mcguintys diapers

  3. Hewitt says that the projects are so far down the pipeline they can’t be stopped. That is utter bullshit. NO attempt has been made to stop anything either on the part of the county. I realize the GEA would not make it possible anyway.

    Nothing has been dug up yet. No bases have been poured.

    Hewitt sees the $2 million per year. That works out to about $45/ person per year in Haldimand. We are sold down the river for that?

    Let us not forget that once upon a time he ran to be the Liberal candidate for the Haldimand-Norfolk area. He was not successful. So we definitely know where his loyalties lie.

  4. The $40 million over 20 years works out to about $45/person per year. Sold out for that. Thanks Hewitt and Haldimand County Council. I CANNOT wait for the next municipal election.

    • You don’t have to wait till the next election -demand these idiots resign now- throw you shoes at them -do whatever it takes NOW -it can be done if you get enough like minded people together – remember they work for you -you don’t work for them. It’s up to you to fight for what is yours.

    • petra , tony , biggreenlie , should we all get together to see what we can do about hewiit? we can contact E King from Haldimand Wind Concerns and all talk it over at the round table……
      hewitt is not acting in the best interest of the people in Haldimand and the first thing he could of done was exactly what Wainfleet just did with their new By-law 13-2012 .
      We need a Mayor now that will do this for his/her people.

  5. Municip[al Councils right across Onatrio have to be put on notice that the electorate are pissed off and we will start at the Municipal level to take back OUR power. I’m doing it and it doesn’t take much energy to get on an agenda and ask some very difficult questions that the idiots will find even more difficult to answer…….this is a war of attrition folks……………the first one to blink…….loses!

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