Environmentalists worry that proposed Lake Ontario wind farm threatens wildlife

by Jennifer Kalish, Great Lakes Echo
A proposal to build a wind farm on the Canadian shore of Lake Ontario has created an uproar among people worried about birds and wildlife. Nature Canada members worry that wind turbines will threaten already endangered birds like Henslow’s sparrows. Photo: U.S. Geological Survey. The environmental group heading the opposition, Nature Canada, opposes the location at Ostrander Point because it is in the middle of an important bird area. Read article

4 thoughts on “Environmentalists worry that proposed Lake Ontario wind farm threatens wildlife

  1. Too bad about Nature Canada’s “worries”……………..don’t they know that McGuinty with Bill 55 will sanction the killing of endangered species?………………..geez!………is there a huge “disconnect here”?………………this back door Bill should be front page news all over the world!!!!!

  2. Maybe Toronto should wake up to see what this dictator is doing to our once beautiful Province and all the health problems his green energy law is causing to the people in rural Ontario. Wake up Toronto. The only paper printing the facts is The Toronto Sun.

  3. It’s got nothing to do with the environment or biodiversity. Who cares about a few birds, bats or wetlands! It’s all about the MONEY. If anything gets in the way “change the law”, “take away citizens democratic rights”. McSquinty is so far into the pockets of these carpetbaggers his knuckles are dragging on the ground. The Liberal government is now just a profitable subsidiary for these developers to be used as required.

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