Editorial: The wrong case for the issue

Orangeville Citizen
OPPONENTS OF ONTARIO’S burgeoning wind-power industry ought not be too concerned about a ruling by the province’s Assessment Review Board that rejected a Wolfe Island couple’s argument that nearby wind turbines had significantly decreased their home’s value.

The board found a lack of evidence to support the contention of Ed and Gail Kenney that presence of three turbines within a kilometre of their home, and 27 of the island wind farm’s 86 turbines within three kilometres, had reduced the value of their waterfront home.

It clearly remains to be seen whether a similar challenge launched by property owners in Melancthon or Amaranth township would face a similar result.

What was missing in the Wolfe Island test case was any evidence in the form of recent sales of similar properties.

Locally, it remains to be seen whether residential or farm properties close to the big turbines have lost value in the wake of all the controversy over potential health problems (real or imagined) from the low-level noise produced when the turbines are operating.

If such evidence becomes available, and if it shows dramatic decreases in property values, municipalities like Melancthon and Amaranth will stand to lose huge amounts of tax revenue – far more than the pittance produced by the mandated assessment cap on turbines of $40,000 per megawatt.

2 thoughts on “Editorial: The wrong case for the issue

  1. The ARB ruling (which is available to the public) includes a statement from one of MPAC’s witnesses and and MPAC employee who has conducted preliminary research into property values in Ontario. This witness, while rebutting the Kenney’s claim, due to the lack of sales, stated clearly that there may be evidence of negative impacts on property values based on sales at Erie Shores. Look at the ruling!
    There are more appeals in the future on Wolfe Island. One of the main arguments that won over the board is that the Kenney’s still enjoy an unobstructed view of the waterfront (no turbines). Well isn’t that kind of admitting that the view around the rest of the property is impacted — and that the Kenney’s property retains its value because the waterfront viewscape does not feature wind turbines. So what about those in Ontario completely surrounded???

    The plot thickeds. Kudos to the Kenney’s who refused the secret deals and non-disclosure agreements offered by the Township lawyer and MPAC lawyers. Their integrity shines through. And they’ve set the path for more appeals to come.

  2. This shows you how desperate they are to fix another hole in this green energy act vessel All in all you have one pot of corporations protecting each other and bailing out water as hard as they can to keep this green energy bullshit alive. It is a matter of time before the boat sinks because more and more we will find more holes to enter.Because these corrupted parasitic vessel of destruction (or you can call it a pirate ship) as they are all thieves stealing and robbing of of our money and rights and freedoms. Good always prevails over evil and I grade them as very evil (our servants from hell controlled by puppets of fictional corporations answering to stockholders who just don’t give a dam if you suffer or not,just bring on the money)

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