Twenty More Clearview Neighbours Join Forces to Support $17 Million Legal Action against Wind Project

Lawyer Eric Gillespie states, “The landowners who signed contracts to host wind turbines on their lands are being held liable, as well as the wind developers.

No longer is the recent Wiggins legal action against WPD’s proposed Fairview wind development and the turbine lease holder Beattie Brothers Ltd. a David vs. Goliath challenge.  As a result of multiple meetings held in Collingwood with Eric Gillespie, lawyer for John and Sylvia Wiggins in their initial turbine lawsuit, twenty (20) more local Clearview landowners have become participants in two separate collective actions opposing the wind proposal. The claims are for alleged property devaluation and loss of use and enjoyment of the plaintiffs’ lands.

The first group is comprised of fifteen (15) additional landowners who are now also proposed plaintiffs in the Wiggins action, brought against WPD and Beattie Bros Ltd. for lands north of Highway 91, who intend to host six (6) turbines. A second action has also been started to the south, brought by five (5) more landowners in a lawsuit against WPD and another Beattie family, Ed Beattie & Son Ltd, who intend to host two (2) turbines.

According to John Wiggins, “All of these landowners near the proposed wind turbine development are clearly upset that 50 storey turbines are being foisted on them arbitrarily. These groups are establishing a model that other groups across Ontario will now be able to follow. A snowball effect that wind companies, landowners and the Ontario government should take note of.”

Lawyer Eric Gillespie states, “The landowners who signed contracts to host wind turbines on their lands are being held liable, as well as the wind developers. These claims are based on established legal principles and there appears to be precedent for these claims in Ontario.”

The total value of the two claims now exceeds $17 million.

For further information please contact John Wiggins at 912-399-0591 or Preserve Clearview Inc. at 705-444-9461

9 thoughts on “Twenty More Clearview Neighbours Join Forces to Support $17 Million Legal Action against Wind Project

  1. God Bless these action oriented people!
    Now we will see, if in fact our courts are corrupted, like our Lieing Liberal provincial government, backed by their brain-dead NDP lapdogs.
    It sounds like these landowners, are quite self-centred and greedy and don`t give a rats butt, about destroying Ontarios environment, not to mention the economy, for all future generations. As long as they make tons of money, they care not about their neighbors or anybody or anything else. Such is the Wind Industry. Nothing but extreme greed !!
    Go Eric Gillespie Go!

  2. Kudos to these people! But isn’t it a shame that we’ve been pushed to the limit in every way – mentally, emotionally, physically, economically and spiritually. It has sure taken it’s toll on every rural community that’s been preyed upon by the corporate wind giants. Shame on them and on our Liberals and NDPers for sanctioning this kind of development without due diligence or public input.

  3. This is what happens when governments take away people’s democratic rights through legislation. It forces average folks to resort to litigation in order to get their civil liberties back. Lastly, and I hope it never comes to that, it force people to civil disobedience. It’s only a matter of time before someone goes off the deep end and takes matters into their own hands. God help us if it ever comes to that. It’ll be on the heads of every Liberal and NDP’er who supported this scam

  4. Be sure to have a look at the turbine operator’s manuals for this.
    If a turbine is less than 400m from your property line Vestas states it is not safe for you to be on your own property in that area.
    2. Stay and Traffic by the Turbine
    Do not stay within a radius of 400m (1300ft) from the turbine unless it is necessary. If you have to
    inspect an operating turbine from the ground, do not stay under the rotor plane but observe the rotor from the front.
    Make sure that children do not stay by or play nearby the turbine. If necessary, fence the foundation.

    • Hey David Libby,
      Pure terror:
      – right to the heart – particulary when you consider the
      CAW educational ‘wind turbine’ –
      a constant hazzard!
      pass it on…………..

  5. Targeting the landowners leasing their properties to the IWT developers is completely appropriate and will hopefully yield results. String a few up and others will take notice.

    I also like that they’ve pointed out how this will give others a template to use.

  6. I’m happy to see more and more people are getting on board with the lawsuits..I too, am sure there is a snowball effect going to take place with the lawsuits , as the only thing our dictatorship government seems to understand , is money..People’s rights matter not.. I also think that the amount of the lawsuits ($17 million),is a paltry sum of money to be going after..That amount of money is chump change to the government.. This amount of money will hardly make them take notice, IMHO..The figure has to knock their socks off, ourageous, if need be, to make them take notice..A figure perhaps 10 or 100 times that figure might be more appropriate..The government deals in big numbers, and 17 million is not a big number to them… As more and more people get on board with this, keeping the numbers high, and having enough lawsuits, will, IMHO, make them take notice..
    If the NDP DO support this budget,, they will only cut their throats even more, and lose more seats next round..They had the chance to do the right thing whem Lisa Thompson proposed a moratorium on IWT’s , but they blew it… I’m sure they lost some voters there.. Let’s see what happens now, and what the NDP will do with the budget.. It’s up to them what happens.. We cannot affford to have a person that’s running rogue in power.. McGuinty has to go……Even if if it means another election,, the sooner the better..Just my opinion…..

  7. We are cheering you on Eric and Cleraview group. Ontario is watching to see how this goes. Learn from it and use it in our areas. Landowners with leases YOU ARE on notice! Legal action will soon be coming to an area near you.

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