Dale Goldhawk: Wake up and smell the coffee, Ken Lewenza

12 thoughts on “Dale Goldhawk: Wake up and smell the coffee, Ken Lewenza

  1. When a Union “HACK” like Lewenza even gets one word from his mouth in print or on TV then you know the world is upside down!
    WE paid for the CAW’s future jobs with our bailout of GM without even being asked if it was O.K.
    Now this mad man wants his job and his “band of brothers” to have guaranteed jobs for life all at OUR expense!!!!
    He should be crawling on all fours in front of US pleading for a hand out. instead he rams a Wind Turbine down the throats of the people who line his pockets……………..Hmmm…..sounds an awful lot like McGuinty!
    Cut off the $$$ supply and these clowns would dry up and blow away like a bad smell!

  2. Now I know why there have been so many UFO sightings . The aliens have been transplanting all their losers here on planet Earth . Sorry everyone , just had a difficult day.

  3. Reuters, Apr.13,2012
    “Analysis: Obama’s ‘greenjobs’ have been slow to sprout”
    The Detroit News, Apr.17,2012
    “Battery-powered autos proving a tough sell”
    EVs will be made so that Automakers can meet fuel efficiency standards. There is no immediate market for EVs. “This is still an experimental technology”

  4. I’m going to give GM a break here. New technology has always been difficult to bring to market no matter what it is. With most companies, their R & D departments are fraught with failures and technical glitches. For the most part they do their utmost to safely find what works and what won’t. They try to predict every possible type of failure but there’s always something that can be missed or overlooked. Take NASA, they had catastrophic failures even thought they had very rigorous testing laboratories. When you’re on the cutting edge, stuff can and will go wrong but you mostly learn from it and hopefully prior to its going to market. I certainly hope the guy that got hurt is going to be okay.
    But now take the Wind Power industry, they’re simply using various Countries as their laboratory and the public as their guinea pigs and getting the Government’s to pay for their R & D departments through taxation. Now that’s just simply criminal.

    • True but NASA’s spacecrafts weren’t designed to be navigated by ordinary people. GM is not making these batteries. Only testing them to determine if they can be safely used in their EVs. Point is that EV batteries can do this amout of destruction if the battery pack is somehow broken or leaks. Explosion took part of the roof off the Tech Center.
      How about a collision between an eighteen wheeler and an EV.
      Maybe there is a good reason why GM killed its electric X-car and destroyed all of them. Too great a company liability to have any left on the road in case of accidents.

      • New technology can be pushed too far too soon before its really ready & safe for the general market place.

      • Yup you’re right. Gasoline as well as NG can do the same thing in crashes. Remember the pinto lawsuits and those early NG trucks. How about those Lithium Ion battery packs in our laptops and cordless tools, same technology as the Volt just a much smaller scale. I had a laptop with a Sony Lithium battery that popped and burn to a crisp. Lucky I didn’t get burn’t. Guess what we’ll all still use them today in our laptops and power tools. Remember the lead acid batteries of the early 50 & 60’s that gave off hydrogen in the charging process, and blew up quite few garages but they’re still being used in cars today. GM tried them in their EV1 in the 90’s needless to say didn’t work out as planned but you keep trying, hence the Volt. Someday we’ll all be driving either a Hybrid or electric cars.
        Now back to the topic of IWT’s. Here a technology that been around for over a century. It’s never ever been proven to be anywhere close to a viable or reliable source for electricity. Without FIT we would not even be talking about it. With electric vehicles you have a choice, but with an IWT you don’t. The government putting them into the countryside like a farmer spreading a load of manure. We don’t need to win the war just the current battle.

      • And may I add, GM has been a prime target for a variety of eco-nuts for many years now.
        IWTs are horse & buggy technology for which there is no chance or very little chance for any improvement in their technology. Just a complete waste of money.

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