Ontario Liberals set to announce merger of energy-planning agencies

by Adam Radwanski, Globe and Mail
The Ontario government appears set to announce a merger of its two big energy-planning agencies.  Sources say that Energy Minister Chris Bentley, who has scheduled a press conference for Wednesday morning, will unveil a merger of the Ontario Power Authority and the Independent Electricity System Operator.  Read article

10 thoughts on “Ontario Liberals set to announce merger of energy-planning agencies

  1. Great stuff !! Now , people will only have to deal with one corporation for the lawsuits instead of two!! Cuts down on litigation costs, therefore, you can go for a bigger settlement !!! Just kidding…Leave it to that band of thugs to pull something like this to get the NDP support for the budget…Hope people can see through this…Well see , and soon !!!

  2. Bloomberg, Apr.17,2012
    “The wind power industry is struggling with low margins and investment risks that are being exacerbated by cuts in European subsidies”
    Bloomberg, Apr.17,2012
    “First Solar Will Cut 30% of Workforce, Shutter Plants” ~ 2000 jobs

  3. Good stuff Fiberals…..Now there will only be one set of cronies to bribe. I’m sure there some ulterior motive here with these scammers, we just haven’t been able to see it yet. No savings involved, just Gold Plated Golden handshakes to all displaced employees…$$$$$$$$$$$$ and away you go.

  4. Have to give the Liberal brain trust credit
    where credit is due. Take two overpaid,
    useless, incompetent bureaucracies and
    roll it into one overpaid, useless, incompetent
    bureaucracy. Rather than merge, blow up the
    entire energy planning system and start all over.

  5. Well…I guess this will be McShifty’s way of ‘switching off’ the real data available from the IESO. When the IESO website says coal generation capacity is 2.7% of total…and the OEB says 18%…you know there’s a political agenda.

  6. Sure will make following the past money and contracts harder to track.guess ‘ Shred It ‘ will be busy!
    another green job?!

  7. The Ontario government is going to call the new agency the “Ministry of Truth”.

  8. If I was Taras N I would vote for the budget in fear of losing my riding. I’m sure most of the others are in the same boat. Unfortunately it is what it is. 3.5 years to go. By then it will be too late. May as well let the Libs keep diggin into that empty cupboard until they end up like their federal counterparts

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