The Universal Declaration of Human Rights; Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Rights of the Child

Letter from Eric Gillespie on behalf of NAPAW to Attorney Generals of Canada

Excerpt:  The desire for rapid deployment of wind energy facilities appears to violate numerous Articles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and United Nations Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilites (UNCRPD) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.   Whereas, our client states:

  • State and country decision-making processes for locating and operating industrial wind energy facilities are being driven by economic and political objectives.
  • The health of individuals living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines is being compromised and the ability of families to care for their children and elders is being seriously undermined.
  • The public lacks confidence that the science advice of state and country health authorities is credible; and further that this advice is based on a rigorous and objective assessment of all available information.
  • The lack of full scientific certainty is being used as a reason not to take preventive measures.
  • We conclude that the fundamental human rights of individuals living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines are not being protected, and further that the dignity and worth of the human person are not being upheld.

Be It Therefore Resolved:

  • that immediate and careful objective study be undertaken with respect to wind  energy’s economic benefits, which our client believes are net zero, and objective study of the impacts to human health also be simultaneously initiated
  • that the protection of human health be restored as primary, m all energy policy henceforth, and
  • that the need for restitution and compensation be incorporated into the studies of the above two obligations, for those who have abandoned homes, lost income, property, and/or health,

We respectfully request:

  • a complete and immediate moratorium on the new construction and placement of industrial wind turbines;
  • an investigation regarding the apparent violations of the Articles detailed in this letter;
  • protection of the population from the imposed intrusions;
  • the restoration of democratic rights;
  • National, State and Provincial Attorneys General investigations regarding the economic damages including net job losses, environmental damages, and societal and community degradation;
  • remediation be established for the economic and social damages to humans, including loss of homes and jobs, future economic consequences such as decreased pensions and other negative impacts, and environmental damages.

Failing this, we reserve the right to further legal inquiry including the UN Conventions and all local and national laws to protect life, property, liberty and rights.  Kindly reply by May 1, 2012.

Yours very truly,
Eric K. Gillespie

7 thoughts on “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights; Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Rights of the Child

  1. Someone play the Hallelujah chorus ….amen to all of the above.
    Keep hammering at industrial wind policies with the laws of the land that our elected official should be upholding in to “first” place to Protect the citizens of Canada and its provinces from the severe harm to health in “all” definitions of the word.

  2. Excellent move! We live in an era when we are bombarded with people claiming rights and freedoms, yet our own Liberal government – a party which loves to lecture on human rights – is remorseless and unyielding about crushing rural people who have likely never asked for any special treatment before. All they ask is fair play and apparently that’s too much.
    Thanks for your efforts.

  3. I have made a notice of understanding of my own to the responsible parties(neighbour, municipality as they at that time was not under green energy act and went along and they endorse it even when i explain the possible health risks. So given notice of my own gives them something to chew on for a while till we see change. I will hold these people responsible for not demanding the precautionary approach with these massive spinning monster so close to our sanctuary We work our tales off for tax takers and big corporations that steal from our families. It is all about money and that is what it will take to stop this madness. As Dale Goldhawk states you got to see the people protesting in large numbers by now to know something is very wrong. The responsible parties ears have had to hears the cries of help,and they still forge ahead with even more and as fast as they can. So hit them with law suits and nail them for lots of money as it is fiction any-ways and they worship this green stuff. i could use some to make a nice pillow with and have some sweet dreams again. Sweet and Cheers

  4. My God !
    Anyway to force that FD thing, to spend/live some time with the victims.
    She needs charging with something………..

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