Bill 55 will limit environmental input

by Susan Dick, Hamilton Spectator
I want to point out that Bill 55, which is included as part of the proposed provincial budget, will amend the Endangered Species Act. That doesn’t seem like much, but with the bill as part of the budget, or what they refer to as a budget bill, the government avoids the normal transparency and public input.

Should this bill pass, the minister would be able to excuse from prosecution under the Ontario Endangered Species Act corporations engaged in infrastructure projects including renewable energy (wind turbines), communication systems, electric power systems, oil or gas pipelines, transportation corridors or facilities, waste management systems or water works. These infrastructure projects would be allowed, without our knowledge, to kill, harm or harass any endangered species, to destroy or remove their habitat.

Again, the provincial government is trying to shove something through in the hopes the public will not even be aware, just like they did with the Green Energy Act. I really don’t have anything against renewable energy in theory, but forcing this act on Ontario and taking away our ability to choose has and will be a problem for rural Ontario.

With Bill 55, they will do it again, stripping away our ability to comment and streamlining the process for developers. It is just not right. I ask everyone to contact their local MPP and let them know how you feel. Please do it now. They vote on this bill next week.

Susan Dick, St. Catharines

16 thoughts on “Bill 55 will limit environmental input

  1. Can you imagine the uproar that would be taking place, if this budget, with its` ‘hidden agenda’, known as Bill 55, was being proposed by a Conservative government? The phony environmental groups, would be storming Queens Park, the Red Star would have daily front page coverage of the planet destroying right wing Neocons, demanding their immediate resignations, if not the return of capital punishment to hang them all!!!
    But it`s a Lieing Liberal scam, so they`re as quiet as church mice. They`ll not say a peep. To ‘H’ with the environment. IWTs are sacred in their warped minds. Besides, they`re being well paid. to sell Ontario out. To them, money is everything. They`d sell their own granny!

  2. Compliments to Susan Dick – should send out alarms!

    A bargain in Ontario!
    Climate Change – is an opportunity – for a chosen few

    The tentacles of Bill 55 –
    Rubbing stamping what developers want.
    Liberals – act – of their own ‘free will’ – to do whatever they want.

    McGuinty Liberals – live in the ‘dark ages’ –
    ………………….all in the name of: Climate Cha – Ching!

    Liberals are consistent in their pattern of conduct – and,
    constantly demonstrate they have no regard for –
    ‘human well being’.
    The assault – Re: Bill 55 – is more than expected!

    The Liberals should stop attacking – human well being!

    Note: once the projects are up – it’s too late

    It’s disgusting!

    • FT: Again — like I have said elsewhere — please differentiate between CAGW (AGW) and normal run of the mill CC like our current warming interglacial period which began about 18,000 years ago.

      People play on the fears of catastrophe to advance the (Useless) Green Energy Agenda. Confusing the issues allows people to take advantage of the situation where CC is portrayed as being disastrous. It’s normal — ask a Geologist.

      In the meantime let people know that there is no reason to install IWT’s — they don’t do what is claimed. Energy supply is marginal and intermittent, nor do they wean us off any carbon based fuel. CO2 is still plant fertilize and an essential ingredient of the carbon cycle which keeps plants — and hence us — alive. Then there are the noise issues.

      Let’s keep the terms and the story straight folks.

  3. The AGW ongoing-endless argument is completely irrelevant here. Wind turbines DO NOT reduce CO2 so what’s the point??

    I read a good answer to this common argument:

    Q: “Well if not wind, then what! Give me a solution!”

    A: If I told you that you were dating a loser, it is then my responsibility to find you the love of your life for you? No, of course not. I’ll say it again….you’re dating a LOSER!

    • What’s the point?

      This is the hand we have been dealt People BELIEVE that Catastrophic AGW will result without the CO2 reduction. People BELIEVE that CO2 reduction is brought about by the use of Green Energy and the reduction in use of fossil fuels — like Hytdro Power and Nuclear Power in Ontario. (Yes people are that confused.)

      They also believe that everyone who complains here is acceptable collateral damage. They also view the loss of freedoms, the reduced lifestyle, the loss of choices, the medical and noise issues to be acceptable collateral damage.

      That is what we must accept or the battle is lost. You cannot win a war when your battle ship is in the wrong ocean firing broadsides at the wrong target.

      Let’s deal with the problem as it is.

      • Yes, I agree. What is pointless is to argue whether AGW is “real” or not. Whether it is or it isn’t, simply doesn’t justify wind turbines.

  4. The point/issue/name of the game is to change the terms of the Migratory Bird Treaty but make this look like the terms of the Treaty have not been changed. Done by trickery and stealth. Same game in both countries. Bought and paid for by renewable energy developers.

  5. Regarding Bill 55:
    There is some very serious nonsense going on. I monitor the news and hansard carefully. I may be mistaken, but I have seen absolutly zero on this.
    I telephoned the PC enviroment critic today, and was told that they have recieved nothing from the public on the subject.
    I telephoned the original writer ( Mr. Stelling ) of the above request and he was dumbfounded , as all MPP.s should have been notified through the letter.
    I telephoned the NDP, line not working.
    I telephoned the Premier…..left a message.
    I telephoned Jim Wilson, his staff will bring it to his attention.
    I telephoned many more.
    As I made my way through the calls ( 26) there was one theme from the PC’s…..We will not support the budget…
    I told them that I already know that, my question is, why are you not publicizing Bill 55?
    I asked many to hold a news conference and do such, before Tuesday.
    The NDP contacted ,said that they feel a fair tax is in order…..again! I asked about Bill 55
    I do not know if the letters are getting through or the PC and NDP just don’t know what it means.
    Everyone that I talked to was clueless and had to look it up.
    All I am saying is, write more letters….especially the PC enviro critic.

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