Even Cohn / Toronto Star can no longer ignore McGuinty Liberal Boondoggles

Cohn: ORNGE isn’t the only secret society playing with public money
by Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
Wednesday was a day of double trouble for the Liberals’ damage control agenda: in one corner, you could watch the unravelling of the ORNGE scandal; in another, the unwinding of a failed electricity experiment at the OPA. The two entities might seem unrelated: ORNGE is the air ambulance service plunged into a tailspin by exposés in the Star; OPA is the boring Ontario Power Authority that most people have never heard of, despite its high-voltage dealings that come directly out of our pockets. Read article

10 thoughts on “Even Cohn / Toronto Star can no longer ignore McGuinty Liberal Boondoggles

  1. Crystal clear,is probably too much to ask with the toxic waters that flow out of Queens Park, The waves of our dollars that flow back to their private companies should be tracked and I hope The Star can be a star and start doing what it say’s it’s good at. Investigative journalism.

  2. seems to me that George Slitherman was another common denominator in the 2 boondoggles mentioned.

  3. The OPA is a government entity therefore it falls under the Freedom of Information Act. I would have done it with the proposed wind farm in our area, but ran out of time before our court date for our Judicial Review.

  4. The Agenda was focused on the economics/costs of renewable energy which of course is relevant to an urban audience. And green house gas emissions and air particulates were also discussed. It was pointed out that using renewables will not reduce green house gas emissions due to the need for fossil fuel backup power. The huge cost of storage for renewable energy was also brought up. The jobs issue and the bankruptcies of solar panel producers also came up. Overall the urban viewers got to hear about renewable energy issues that the GTA media has so far been able to ignore.

  5. Big – Bold – Bulky – Ugliness

    History of “I’ve been briefed” George Smitherman – naive to the extreme – or a rich ‘player’ ?

    Ontario Power Authority – merging ? – ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

    ‘[excerpt] But there is a common theme to this cautionary tale of two boondoggles — one scandalous, one merely invisible —
    and it is this: A troubling lack of transparency that allowed both entities to play with public money without proper adult supervision.’

    OPA – merging – ha! ha! ha! – that’s a rich bullet point – it doesn’t make sense – touche!
    Hint: Has anyone checked the border?

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