Haldimand urgently needs your help

HWC Legal Challenge
The Haldimand group is now urgently collecting donations to pay for the legal challenge to fund the appeal at the tribunal for  the Summerhaven (Next Era) project.  It is just a matter of time before we will have to place our notice of intent to oppose REA approval (within the 15 days of being posted on the environmental registry) for the Port Dover and Nanticoke project (Capital Power).  Winning a stay against the Summerhaven  project would change the whole process.

18 thoughts on “Haldimand urgently needs your help

  1. I also have made a donation. This is very important to our rural communities, if the fight against Next Era is lost, we will have no hope left, and McGuinty will ram turbines down our throats, even most country folk are against them.

  2. NextEra Energy, Board of Directors:
    J.Brian Ferguson > John D. Williams, CEO Domtar,Toronto. Also view the relationships of the Domtar Corp. Board of Directors. You will find the needed Ontario connections at Domtar.
    J.Brian Fergusion > Marathon Oil, Exxon Mobile, Sunoco, ConocoPhillips

  3. This is an age of taking ‘action’!

    Re- cap – What happened in Haldimand, and Chatham-Kent?

    Ken and Randy sitt’n in a tree – is there anything more frightening?

    Then there’s the – accountability test – loss of trust – job performance etc……
    Believe it – or not!

    Stories and letters from the final edition of the Haldimand Regional News This Week, Feb. 8-2012
    It’s been forty years but now it’s goodbye

    It’s time to focus on reality!
    The Liberals are completely destroying Ontario – and using – ‘like minded’ mayors – to do it.

    You can draw your own conclusions!

    But, if you don’t have a tear in your eye – then just – get out of the way.

    Contribute to the legal fund –
    citizens with ‘common sense’ fighting for what is right!

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