Dismantling the Environmental Protection Act

5 thoughts on “Dismantling the Environmental Protection Act

  1. The usual bend over for corporations. The Libs have really let down the public’s wishes.

    They appear more willing to bend to corporate interests than Harris ever did.

    Why did the Royal Bank of Scotland CEO lend $10 million to the Liberal to start up a corporate wind farm operation? Or is that just conjecture on my part?

    How is it that McGuinty can ignore so many rural and urban voters when it comes to wind farm dangers?

    How can he allow the MegaQuarry item that will destroy forever 2300 acres of productive farm land? For eventual foreign export of Ontario’s cleanest water to foreigners?

    • ..Reuters…April 21st 2912……Nice little scathing comment from Rupert Murdoch

      In another comment, Murdoch waded into the political debate over whether the British government should support the building of wind turbines to generate greener energy.

      “English spring countryside as beautiful as ever if and when sun appears! About to be wrecked by uneconomic ugly bird killing windmills. Mad.”

  2. Mr. Stelling, Thank you for all of your work. The video was very effective.

    Ontario budget includes worrying changes to environmental legislation
    The Ontario government has published its new “budget” cunningly titled “Bill 55, Strong Action for Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2012”. Beware: care-f ully obscured among the arcane wording of no less that 69 Schedules “to enact and amend various Acts”, is critical legislation that will effectively disable important parts of Ontario’s existing environmental legislation…continued in link

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