NFU boss warns Lambton farmers to be wary of energy lease agreements

by John Phair, Petrolia Topic
The president of the Lambton local of the National Farmers Union (NFU) has come out strongly against the province’s Green Energy Act, and is warning farmers and other landowners to be wary of contracts to lease their land. Joe Vye, at the NFU’s recent annual meeting in Forest, said issues surrounding wind generators and the Green Energy Act were among his greatest concerns for the rural community.

“The thing that had the biggest impact on me are issues regarding wind generators and green energy and the true costs behind them,” he said in his report to the membership. Read article

3 thoughts on “NFU boss warns Lambton farmers to be wary of energy lease agreements

    • Good question! No one bothered to read the contracts. The farm organizations could have sought legal advice for their members.

      • Listening to CBC this morning, it’s still hard for anyone to be “against” solar farms as well. This orthodox Green religion is so difficult to speak against. The farmers in Kingston wish they had never signed the leases with Samsung. They are losing prime agricultural land for a poor form of electrical production.
        Farm organizations must have been conned and misguided about how serious the consequences would be. I remember the PC party speaking against the Green Energy act before it was brought in, noting that it would cause major problems in rural areas. A strong belief that government would never turn against citizens existed then, it sure doesn’t now. Rural homes should not be sacrificed for some to believe they are doing good. Token Green means nothing when harming people and wildlife.

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