Derby select board opposes wind turbines

WCAX TV – Excerpt: “But the turbines would be highly visible from Stanstead, Quebec. And the debate became even more heated this week when the mayor of Stanstead threatened to shut off the water supply to Beebie Plain unless the turbines are moved back from the border. The Canadian community provides water service to about 50 homes in the village that lies within the town of Derby.

“Why should I accommodate the town of Derby by furnishing water when they aren’t even thinking about accommodating me?” Stanstead Mayor Philippe Dutil said.”

2 thoughts on “Derby select board opposes wind turbines

  1. U.S. watching legal developments in Ontario
    (Orangeville in the story is a town in NY State, Wyoming County)
    “It’s clearly against our national interest to engage in long-term subsidies where the moment you pull the subsidy, the business fails.”

    Clear Skies Over Orangeville members as well as thousands of anti-industrial wind activists are carefully watching a legal challenge in neighboring Ontario, Canada. Twenty landowners have become participants in two separate collective actions opposing an industrial wind project. The claims are for alleged property devaluation and loss of use and enjoyment of the plaintiffs’ lands.

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