Wind energy company unveils final plans for C-K

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By Vicki Gough, Chatham Daily News
Two security guards greeted visitors at the door to an open house organized by Samsung Renewable Energy and Pattern Energy at the Blenheim Golf Course Saturday afternoon.

The joint venture plans to erect 124 wind turbines stretching 31 km across Chatham-Kent to produce electricity with a power equivalent for 73,000 homes.

It’s a $600-million capital cost project that’s been years in the making as companies sold and merged their options with local farmers.

Inside the meeting hall, more security staff stood on guard, as people helped themselves to freebies, including hats, coffee mugs, ‘I support wind power’ signs, plus refreshments. Read article

16 thoughts on “Wind energy company unveils final plans for C-K

  1. The company that owns a 270-megawatt industrial wind turbine complex that produces power 30% of the time, and earns 13.5 cents/kw-h, earns revenue of $95 MILLION PER YEAR. Chatham-Kent will get tax revenue of $800,000 per year from this project.

  2. At the FIT conference in Toronto in early April, a representative of the Samsung consortium, Mike Garland of Pattern Energy, explained that if the FIT contract provisions are not interpreted in a way that pays Samsung for curtailed production not only will Samsung not build their planned 2000 MW of wind power in Ontario but Samsung will lay off the workers in their manufacturing facilities too.

    • Does ‘joint’ mean ‘jugular’ –
      and do the mayor and council approve?
      Well – we know they do!

      ‘[excerpt]The joint venture plans to erect 124 wind turbines stretching 31 km across Chatham-Kent to produce electricity with a power equivalent for 73,000 homes.’

      just a minor detail – after the fact
      ‘[excerpt] The joint venture is also promising to announce in the near future an endowment fund for a project of the community’s choosing.’


    • If Samsung dosen’t get paid for curtailed production then there won’t be enough money in wind projects to make this business venture worthwhile. Not much money in IWTs that only produce at most 30% of the time and then be curtailed when the wind is blowing.
      Also ask what manufacturing?

    • Wikipedia, Pattern Energy Group LP & Riverstone Holdings LLC
      Pattern energy Group LP (San Francisco, CA) was aquired by Riverstone Holdings LLC June of 2009
      See reference #s: 5,6 & 62
      New York Paralegal Blog, Dec.9,2009
      “Cuomo Secures Agreement With Riverstone Founder David Leuschen To Pay $20 Million In Restitution To Resolve Role In Continuing State Pension Fund INVE”

    • Mr. Adams,
      From your comment; does that mean current wind contracts have a provision for curtailmant? With or without conpensaton? Sources are always appreciated if possible.

  3. The sixth open house???? Wow… I must really have missed a lot or this is a lie.

    Going to run the transmission line down a hiking trail???? only in C-K would something this insane be allowed… sure not going to have many “nature lovers” hiking under a noisy, dirty electricity spewing transmission line.

    • If you live in Chatham-Kent!
      – it has to do with ‘global issues’
      community mageddon – the ‘good enough’
      community ‘sustainability plan’ – ah huh!
      formed by ‘consensus’
      We can all earn – thank you points!
      – no gimmicks – just real tax relief.

      All caused by –
      the lack of solutions – for the ‘global issues’
      The pressure is much greater now!
      I’m glad – you understand!

      hiking trails – the ‘good enough’ – for you – plan.
      Gee – what else – is on around the corner?

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