Vultures waiting for the turbine kill…

This picture is begging for a caption…. suggestions???

27 thoughts on “Vultures waiting for the turbine kill…

  1. No problem Dalton. There’ll be signs up to tell us to keep clear.
    You can read, can’t you…???

  2. Vulture 1- I think it is another of those McGuinty’s fast food places opening soon.
    Vulture2- I’d rather risk salmonella.

  3. Not sure what they are saying, but I can tell by his face that the one on the left is definitely McGuinty (no question about that), and on the right, I’m pretty sure that’s Chris Bentley’s hairdo.

  4. “I know the turbines aren’t up yet Velma, but we have to get first dibs ahead of the coyotes. Consider it our reservation to an all you can eat buffet”.

  5. V1… Now Violet, will you stop looking down in the mouth,they aint coming
    V2.. But, Victor, the sign say’s……..
    V1… Yeah right..over my dead body!!

  6. Hey another “McGuinty Vulture Cafe”… where the pickings are easy, but the overhead is a killer.

  7. V1..What do you think of Premier Dad’s
    healthy eating guidelines?
    V2..Hope he doesn’t classify birds as
    junk food.

    • It’s been slim pickens around here for years, son, but if we hang around it could be TBone Pickens!

  8. Last and final.

    Dalton: ” Well Brad, at least the printing industry is going great guns!”

  9. Carrion Birds

    Came to be quiet, recede, set roots , soft and deep.
    Haldimand clay was warm, filled up my soul,
    Then the winds, turned against me

    Carrion birds pick at bones,
    And turn them all green

    We gather together, like small birds enraged,
    Chasing a cruel predator,
    Through jeers, ridicule, we hold fast

    Carrion birds pick at bones,
    And turn them all Green

    Mean blades cominโ€™, survival of the fattest,
    Cries in the fields and forests,
    As we came together, the machine kept turning

    Soft, gentle roots in Haldimand clay,
    Like a spirit pine, will not fall,
    Weathered by so many storms, so many lies

    Carrion birds pick at bones
    And turn them all Green
    So mean

    I wrote this months ago, not a caption, but it seems to fit

  10. See Mildred, I told you they’re putting in a “Chop Houseโ€ and your favorites on the Menu….”Smashed Bat”

  11. Vulture 1: “Is this the place you told me about Dalton? The place with free food?”

    Vulture 2: “Yes Dwight, yes it is. Of course, the carrion is only available on an intermittent basis.”

    Vulture 1: “What??? What the he’ll kind of deal is that.”

  12. Vulture 1 – I just got laid off from work, my girlfriend left me, and the LCBO went on strike.
    Vulture 2 – Thank God for Dalton McGuinty…

  13. “We’re vultures, shouldn’t we be circling a carcass?”
    “There’s no point. The wind companies and the Ontario government have picked everything clean.”

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