Wind Turbines and Airports Don’t Mix: Wilson

(Queen’s Park) Jim Wilson wants the province to put a stop to wpd Canada’s proposal to build wind turbines near the Collingwood Regional Airport. The Simcoe-Grey MPP used Question Period to urge Dalton McGuinty to start paying attention to the warnings being made by aviation experts.

To Wilson, the proposal is ridiculous. “We’ve got community leaders and aviation experts saying don’t do this it’s dangerous, and we’ve got a company that knows nothing about aviation saying it’ll be fine. Why is there even a debate over who’s right?”

In the legislature, Wilson asked McGuinty why he was even entertaining a project that would compromise the safety of the airport. He then referenced letters from Charlie Tatham, chair of the Airport Services Board, who called the proposal “asinine, unjustified, and dangerous” stressing that the turbines are dangerous obstacles for pilots.

Wilson also reminded McGuinty of the resolutions from Clearview, Collingwood and Wasaga Beach councils who have expressed concerns over the viability of the airport and the safety of its users if the wind project is allowed to proceed.

The energy minister’s response was disappointing to Wilson, who says it’s just common sense that you don’t put a 500 foot structure where planes land and take off.


For more information, contact: Jim Wilson, MPP | 1-800-268-7542

2 thoughts on “Wind Turbines and Airports Don’t Mix: Wilson

  1. OK. I listened to the Energy Minister — I guess the IWT’s are going up near the airport and he doesn’t care cause it’s not his problem.

    Did I understand correctly?

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