McNabb Line resident requests bylaw to protect property value

By Susan Hundertmark, Seaforth Huron Expositor |  May 2012

If Huron East has decided it cannot protect the health and safety of its citizens under the Green Energy Act, perhaps it can protect the property value of its ratepayers, suggested Dennis Mueller at council’s May 15 meeting.

Mueller, a resident of McNabb Line where the transmission lines for the St. Columban wind project are proposed to be located by St. Columban Energy LP, told councillors he has spent close to $1,000 on appraisals of his property, stray voltage and medical condition in anticipation of the project and expects his property value to decrease by 20 per cent of $54,000 if the St. Columban wind project proceeds. He added that he is concerned the vibration of the drilling for the underground line will damage his well. read article

2 thoughts on “McNabb Line resident requests bylaw to protect property value

  1. A RENEWABE ENERGY/ELECTRIC GRID is being built in Ontario. This is NOT the same as a conventional energy grid that Ontario already has. Telling people that anyway this is only needed upgrades, replacements and repairs to the existing system is deceit.Telling people the present system is old and needs replacement is more deceit.

    • Yes, I heard that our rising electricity bills are due to “investments” on our grid. Very vague indeed.

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