Taking wind fight to feds

by John Divinski, Bayshore Broadcasting 22 May 2012

It’s become apparent Kincardine councillors are becoming a little fed up with the lack of communication from government officials on wind turbine questions.

Council has agreed to go beyond the provincial government and talk to the federal government plus get legal opinions on some points they want brought up.

Deputy Mayor Anne Eadie started the discussion saying she fears turbine developers are not respecting Kincardine’s plan for future growth.

Eadie says she’s not picking on any specific developer but all of them who, under the Green Energy Act, don’t have to abide by the town’s buffer zone policy.

That policy calls for setbacks of the turbines be 3000 meters in urban areas and 2750 meters in rural hamlets and 800 meters in farm areas. read article

4 thoughts on “Taking wind fight to feds

  1. Will be watching closely to see if you can get the Feds to help.
    Refreshing to see your Council taking a stand. Did they get the offer of a Community Vibrancy Fund to “muddy the waters” ? That is what has happened with the Amherst Island project. A $7.5 million fund has been offered over the next 20-25 years. The municipality has 16,000 residents and Council feels they have to discuss the merits of the offer in consideration of the entire population. There are 400 residents on the Island, many of whom have rejected this project from its onset. We. who stand to be severely impacted, are expected to sacrifice everything we hold dear “for the good of all”.

    • This not for the good of all. Amherst is an island is it not? So IWTs have no roads to get to an island.

  2. We know it’s not for the good of all, if anyone. However, that phrase keeps surfacing especially with regard to our feathered friends. Amherst is an Island and they will be burying a cable across the bay that separates us from the mainland in order to connect us to the grid. Very expensive proposition in every regard and my biggest fear is that once they get that cable in, phase 2 will commence.

    • One can go from the Board of AltaGas > Board of Emera Inc. > Algonquin Power & Uitilites Corp.

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