Oh Please, will you be my friend??

23 thoughts on “Oh Please, will you be my friend??

  1. OMG…I just fell out of my chair!!!

    “Thanks for the climate changing fireworks…asshole.”

  2. PC appears to be a bit wary of McGuinty. Bet the Ontario wind situation is known in the UK.

  3. Prince Charles knows a first class wind-dick when he sees one.

    A picture like this is worth ten thousand words …

  4. Clarlie has a green agenda also. His remarks years ago was and stated if he died he would like to be reincarnated as a very contagious virus to reduce human population. Avery nasty green agenda. Both him an McGimpy are just a little different in there agendas. Royalty is a farce a privilege live style for what?

    • He and the all the royalties are parasites and money hungry thief’s. They all belong to royal blue blooded crap. Cannot believe people worship these criminals and we pay for them dining and feasting on our dime when they have more than you can believe they can feed the world many times over.

    • Actually, that was his father Phillip who said that. But…Phillip is also very much against wind turbines.

    • Take it easy Ma, This is what I found,K? Prince Philip and his son, Prince Charles of England, are both extensively involved with the World Wildlife Fund and “Sustainable Development” – a euphemism for Population Extermination. The elitists want the world and its resources for themselves. They want to be rid of the rest of us who they refer to as “useless eaters.” They claim we are “fouling” their earth.. Cheers, Ma. They are both in it together. we are in their way of their God given planet earth

      • ” They claim we are “fouling” their earth. That would mean Wind turbines to boot because they do not like them on their lands as they would have to clean up that mess as well. USLESS SPINNING ROTORS that would hurt their precious wildlife they own.

  5. Charles is a well known envirowacko amongst other things but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is in favour of having IWTs surrounding one of his country properties. I wonder what he would say if asked to comment on what his father has to say about IWTs last November…….


    Here’s a short clip from this link:

    “He said they were absolutely useless, completely reliant on subsidies and an absolute disgrace,” said Mr Wilmar. “I was surprised by his very frank views.”
    Mr Wilmar said his attempts to argue that onshore wind farms were one of the most cost-effective forms of renewable energy received a fierce response from the Duke.
    “He said, ‘You don’t believe in fairy tales do you?’” said Mr Wilmar. “He said that they would never work as they need back-up capacity.”

  6. OMG I just farted. I can’t believe that guy still behind me, must be some kind of dolt to walk through that smiling.

  7. Nearly choked on my toast this a.m. when I saw the picture. I LOVE it!
    Prince Charles: “where is security when you need them!? Geez get this guy away from me.”

    He is also getting his hanky out so that he can wipe his hand after McGuinty shakes it.

  8. Spit my oats out laughing at this picture, Mc loser looks just like the lowlife he is.

  9. My Dad warned me,”Charlie old son,” he said, “that guy is a sWINDler, keep your hands over your pockets as he has already royally ripped off the citizens of Ontario.”

  10. “Senior aides at Clarence House, where Prince Charles has his private office, say that the heir to the throne has been firmly against wind farms for years, but that he has so far chosen not to enter the public debate on their future.”………………this is a quote from Prince Charles’ spin factory. We all know he’s a wing nut and a wee bit “off”, but even he hates Wind Turbines.
    I’ve heard that since he’s gone back to Jolly Old he’s been waking up screaming in the middle of the night, clutching for Camilla saying: “Mommy !..make that bad man in Toronto leave me alone!!!!!”

  11. What a F#%%$# loser with his pants pulled up to his tits and shoulders as wide as a 10 year old girl. Is it just me or does this guy evoke back hand slapp syndrome.

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