Suzuki: Going to bat for our furry flying friends (??)

SCIENCE: Fascinating creatures feast on insects
By DAVID SUZUKI For The Daily Press

“We also need to have proper environmental assessments before wind turbines are installed, to reduce harm to bats and minimize other environmental impacts. Scientists suspect that dead bats found near wind-power installations (most of which are migratory species) were killed by air pressure drops rather than contact with blades.

With proper environmental reviews and more research about the causes of death and ways to reduce or prevent it, we can enjoy the benefits of clean wind power without putting bats at risk. Like so many other living things, bats illustrate how everything in nature is interconnected and that harming one plant or animal or ecosystem has cascading effects that touch us all. If we don’t do everything we can to help bats, we’ll all suffer — and not just from mosquito bites!”. Read article

16 thoughts on “Suzuki: Going to bat for our furry flying friends (??)

  1. This guy wants it both ways………………..for a guy who considers himself such a “brilliant scientists” it sure amazes me that he can push for Wind Turbines and then disrespect them at the same time…………….David Suzuki is 154 years old……………..

  2. It’s the same old,same old line of BS. All that is needed is to spend more money on research so that useless IWTs can be installed. No IWTs no bird and bat deaths from them. Research money diverted into unnecessary research is wasted money that could well be spent on useful research.

  3. David Suzuki makes money from the wind industry, then from doing research? The only part of green he is interested in is money. What a low life hypocrite. I would not like to see him have any part in research. He is a blemish on the scientific community.

  4. It would interesting just once if Dr. Fruit Fly would demonstrate as much empathy for humans as he does for other species. He is on record as saying humans are alike to maggots, and that thoughtful environmentalists would have zero children; he of course has 5.
    This charlatan also owns multiple homes, one at least of which would be ideally sited for wind breezes off the pacific. Any chance of a wind factory on his property? Don’t think so, any more than on the property of McGuinty, Gore, Smitherman.Crawley, Bentley, Horwath.. fill in the list.

    • hey Martin,
      Mr. Suzuki commented –
      yes, he would love to host a ‘wind turbine’
      on his property –
      but, as luck would have it –
      his municipality passed a by-law forbidding ‘wind turbines’.
      What a shame!

      • Wouldn’t work here, but he does have a few other properties. Some how I don’t thing Fruit Fly is really serious.

  5. Suzuki –
    a perfect asset to all Canadians – in attack mode – against Canada – again

    ‘[excerpt] A committee of experts has recommended that Canada’s environment minister issue an emergency order to protect the bats under the Species at Risk Act, but the government has yet to respond.’

    Mr. Suzuki – a McGuinty Liberal fan
    while soaking in his ‘hot tub’ –
    sing’s –
    ‘we’ve got high hopes’,
    ‘we’ve got high hopes’
    re: Omnibus Bill 55

  6. This is the same Suzuki that gave the McGuinty government a triple “A” rating for the environment. Interesting that Suzuki never commented on Bill 55.

  7. Suzuki just another ecological leach living in a circular home running around looking for corners to store stuff. Another environmental reprobate that seems to think he’s able to suck and blow at the same time. Yup……..Send me money………….green is what I understand best.

    Suzuki…McGuinty, someone needs to look at the gene pool here, seems to be missing a few links in the DNA

    University of Iowa

    “The study, published in the March issue of the journal Veterinary Pathology, concludes that traumatic injury from collision with turning turbine blades is the most likely cause of bat deaths. That finding contradicts a widely reported explanation that bats die from barotrauma, essentially ruptured and bleeding lungs caused by entering a low-pressure field created by the turning blades.

    “Our study suggests that pulmonary barotrauma is a misdiagnosis of the evidence from the lungs of the dead bats,” says Meyerholz, a UI associate professor of pathology and comparative lung pathologist, who was co-lead author of the study.”

  9. Fellow Canadians,

    As you may or may not be aware the Ontario Provincial Liberal Government has
    been funneling money into so-called environmental groups. These groups then
    use their resources to promote the Liberal Party’s agendas. As well they
    often campaign for the Liberal Party during elections. This is called
    partisan politics. Under Canadian Federal law it is illegal for registered
    charities to participate in partisan politics.

    These types of environmental groups are all across Canada and are doing many
    things that are outright illegal or extremely questionable.

    Many of these environmental groups are also promoting wind turbines along
    with the Ontario Liberal government.

    The Sun Media is currently giving a great deal of coverage to this issue.
    And the Federal Government is attempting to clamp down on these illegal

    Please send a letter to the Federal Minister of Revenue, The Honourable Gail

    Contact page:

    All you need to send is one or two short sentences just to let them know the
    public supports this, a couple of examples at the bottom.

    If you wish write more that is great.

    This is NOT an attack against legitimate law abiding registered charities,
    which the vast majority is.

    Please make use of this and pass it along to others.

    “It is illegal for charities in Canada to participate in partisan political
    activities. Please start enforcing this law.”

    “When charities do partisan political work, they STOP being charities. They
    also violate charities law; which prohibits charities from engaging in
    partisan political activity.

    Why should taxpayers subsidize the political agenda of radical environmental
    groups? It’s time to put an end to this.

    Please do the right thing.”

  10. Although the case has been made that bats can control dense populations of larger bodied insects (including agricultural pests), there seems to be doubt whether they can make dent in mosquito populations. Makes sense perhaps that a bat wouldn’t expend a lot of energy targeting an insect with such a small body? e.g.,

    “Insectivorous Bats. Every so often, a well-meaning conservation group promotes bats to eliminate mosquitoes from areas where nuisance has become intolerable. This undoubtedly leads to rediscovery of research conducted in the 1950s indicating that bats released in a room filled with mosquitoes could catch up to 10 mosquitoes per minute. The research was conducted to measure the effectiveness of echolocation in insectivorous bat species. The results have been extrapolated to suggest that wild bats can consume 600 mosquitoes per hour. Using that figure, a colony of 500 bats will remove 250,000 mosquitoes each hour and theoretically afford mosquito control for an entire neighborhood. Research since that time has shown that insectivorous bats are opportunistic feeders and that mosquitoes make up a very small percentage of their natural diet. Bats’ behavior when locked in a room with nothing to feed upon but mosquitoes has no bearing on their behavior in the wild. Bats feed on the same insects that turn up in bug zappers and are no more effective for controlling mosquitoes than their electronic equivalent. Providing habitat to enhance bat populations is an admirable activity for conservation purposes. Using mosquito control as the reason to initiate public interest is misleading at best.”

    • Have watched bats feeding on insects many times just before dark when the insects rise out of trees so they are valuable for insect control.

  11. To paraphrase the immortal bard (Shakespeare) ; ” Upon what meat, does this, our Suzuki, feed, that he is grown so great ?”

  12. what a pile of bat guano Suzuki!!!! Don’t you know that all the operational wind projects have undergone “proper environmental assessment”… at least that is what the windies and gov’t keep telling us… so why is there a problem with bats being killed??? eh??? Because the wind industry is a corrupt scam.

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