Adelaide-Metcalfe Citizens REVOLT!

Note: The Mayor’s dad has a wind lease with TCI Renewables and the Deputy Mayor’s son has 32 leases with NextEra. No, I didn’t type the wrong number….
More info on this fight at Ontario Neighbours United

31 thoughts on “Adelaide-Metcalfe Citizens REVOLT!

  1. How could these two fellows even think they can vote on any matters pertaining to renewable energy in their jurisdiction?

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  3. V.I.P.’s – adelaide – metcalfe council – intelligence has its price
    sealing the deal………….
    pdf. pg. 24
    Energy and Air Quality
    The township shall support……………………
    c) promote design and orientation which maximize the use of alternative or renewable energy,
    such as solar and wind energy. and the mitigating effects of vegetation

    I recall – Mayor Bolton
    looking for guidance from a London lawyer?

    Welcome to ‘third world democracy’ – London, Ontario
    Public Participation Meetings

    Democracy – without democratic liberty – is ‘third world democracy’

    Complete betrayal – Ugh!
    Once the cat is out of the bag – how much is this costing Ontario citizens?

  4. Can a timeline be established for councils activites on renewable energy? First adopt the idea that renewable energy is good for all and then work up to getting leases. Doubt all this came about overnight?

  5. I thought the Mayor does not vote except to break a tie. If the Mayor chooses not to vote the motion is lost. Also The Mayor Adjourned the meeting with no motion. Wow, and he is paid by you. He need to resign. Next meeting have more people. The Mayor and deputy certainly have conflicts. How did they get voted in???Good luck Everyone. Democracy is at stake.

  6. I forgot to ask.How many acres does the deputy mayors son have? You say he has signed for 32 IWT. I was told by a farmer in Shelbourne that they only allow one IWT per fifty acres not counting the acre for the house . Has this changed or does he have that much acreage? Does anyone know??

  7. I’m not sure how many acres he has but most of the leases are on vacant building lots in the village of Adelaide. Wind turbines will never be built on them but if the lots are sold and houses are built, the new owners would have no rights to complain about noise, health effects etc. from the wind turbines.

      • Well his dad IS the deputy mayor, inside info for sure! Stinky isnt it!
        They do this other placestoo, even on lots under an acre, that way no setbacks to worry about for windfarm projects.

        But havingall those leases, he will collecton everyone like a single leaser would,big bucks for him in collect! No hes not getting iwt on all but some is large acerage so he’ll get some turbines, but willbe able to get royalties for all other lots leasesas well. This is a fad I was afraid would happen. He doesnt reside right around them!

        Another crooked energyloophole!

  8. The 1 acre thing must be new.
    Never heard of it.
    Why would a wind company sign leases on lots that are only one acre?
    My understanding is that leases are generally signed with landowners who have 50-100 acre parcels. It makes no sense to me.
    I think there must be more to this story.

    • Petra… Samsung calls these “leases” “Good Neighbour Agreements” This allows the company to erect IWTs within 350m of the “centre of any dwelling” on these neighbouring properties. YOU won’t have one on YOUR “1 acre parcel” but the neighbours can have them on THEIR property within “spittin’ distance” of you…. and then YOU can’t complain later either since you’ve become, in essence, a “participating receptor” with little if anything in the way of compensation! Gotta love it!!

      • How much money is paid per IWT option? With 32 options at say $5K each this is a good sum of money. Even if some of these payments are just for “noise” it’s still a lot of money.
        How can a close relative be allowed to vote on matters such as these?

      • the money collected from royalties (owning a lease) will get a percentage from how much the entire project produces in wind, and divided up equally to leasers. so it depends on how much the wind blows. but yes he will be raking in the dough! owning that many leases! and the neighbors would have no ideas, no ones been privy to it until just now!

        were wondering the same. its indeed very crooked and shouldn’t be allowed.

      • A wind company could lease property from 20 landowners
        and ultimately only 3 or 4 may end up hosting a turbine and
        get paid accordingly. The balance of ‘signed property’ owners
        share in a pool of funds based on total acreage leased, but
        payment is not that significant given that you’ve signed your
        property away and you are not hosting a turbine. i.e. slush
        fund for my neighbours that had signed was a share of
        something in the area of $45,000.

      • John,
        Thanks for the explanation.
        Is it just Samsung who offers this? Do all of the residents in the Samsung development know about this? Or just if your daddy is deputy mayor?
        I have not heard of this “creative” endeavor associated with other IWT companies.

      • not just this company, I’ve read other places as well, I’ll try to find article.

    • Petra, TCI Renewables (now Nextera) was the original wind company that signed the lease agreements with Mr. DeBruyn’s son. There were other severed and small lot owners in Adelaide township that signed leases around 2008-2009, many have huge regrets Apparently once the project is operational small lot owners are to recieve around $1500/year. A piitance considering how much the landowner has signed away

  9. Once again, it shows the GREED of political insiders, is at the expense of their constituents. We can all thank McWindy or McScum or whatever his name De Jour is, for opening all doors for these leaches at the expense of the public purse. These pigs are all lined up at the trough jostling and feeding wildly on the gr$$n swill.
    Ah, but don’t you fret now, all’s well, nothing to see here, move along sheeple, we are the council and we have “our” (sorry) “your” best interests in mind.

  10. Petra…. I only spoke re: Samsung because I have a copy of their lease agreement having been approached by Paul O’Toole of Elexco! I couldn’t speak authoritatively of Nextera, Capital Power, Niagara Wind Power, or any other potential “Wind Company” threatening Haldimand County since I haven’t seen their lease agreements but I would guess that they’re learning from each other! I told Mr. O’Toole I wouldn’t make a “deal with the Devil” for $1,500.00 (or for $15,000.00 for that matter). Our future CAN’T be “bought” at ANY price!

  11. This all goes back to the fact that without the Green energy Act IWTs would not be installed in rural Ontario. The Green energy Act is the mechanism used to accomplish this. Also might turn out to be a means of introducing corruption into rural Ontatio.

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