Suzuki key note speaker for Manitoulin wind project grand opening…

Manitoulin Expositor
EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a letter to David Suzuki, who will be attending the connection of the Mother Earth Renewable Energy wind turbines in M’Chigeeng on June 15.

Dear Mr. Suzuki:
I understand that you will be visiting Manitoulin Island on June 15 to speak to the connection of the Mother Earth Renewable Energy (MERE) wind turbines in M’Chigeeng to the provincial grid. Firstly, I would like to extend a warm welcome and to thank you for taking an interest in our community. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping shape my interest in environmental issues and my passion for the natural world. I grew up watching ‘The Nature of Things’ and have read many pieces of your writing.

While I respect the great work you have done to bring environmental issues to the forefront, I am disappointed that you have decided to fully endorse industrial scale wind projects in Canada and abroad. I do not feel there is sufficient evidence to support the notion that industrial wind turbines will help slow climate change. However, I am not writing you to engage in a debate over the merits of the technology. I am more interested in your endorsement of Ontario’s Green Energy Act, particularly those aspects that apply to wind power. Read article

8 thoughts on “Suzuki key note speaker for Manitoulin wind project grand opening…

    • We visited Manitoulin Island in 1992, 1999 and 2008. During that last visit, the owners of the Rockgarden Terrace Resort dismissed our warnings of IWT strife to come as the ravings of anti-green types. Tourists, including ourselves, who appreciate unspoiled rural countryside, will be giving Manitoulin Industrial Park the Big Adios.

  1. For Nicolas. I read your letter and only wanted to weep! You address Suzuki as though he actually cared about your island environment.
    He no longer cares about the destruction of some of the loveliest and most pristine environment in Ontario, he welcomes it. Just like his friend McGuinty he has made so many promises and commitments to the fantasy that is Industrial Wind Energy he, like McGuinty, does not have the moral or ethical courage to admit they have been so disastrously wrong.
    I have had the great fortune of at least driving across Manitoulin Island just once.
    If your communities do not rise up and try to stop the utter destruction of your island communities any way you can, then you can’t blame anyone but yourselves.
    Once the very first IWT is approved then your island is dead.
    I’m glad and privileged that at least on one occasion I saw Manitoulin Island as the natural treasure it should be.

  2. Nothing would look better on the June 15 evening news than seeing / hearing the great and powerful David Suzuki being peacfully protested against by a whopping big turnout of local citizenry who would love to tell him where to put his beloved IWTs. Just saying …

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