Bluewater wind farm application goes to MOE by end of June

VARNA – Two public meetings in an area slated for a wind farm development mark the final steps before the project is submitted to the Ministry of the Environment for review.

Any feedback from meetings held in Varna and Seaforth will be incorporated in the consultation report and submitted by month end with all other paperwork in an application for Renewable Energy Approval of the 60-MW Bluewater Wind Energy Corp., which consists of 37 1.6-MW GE turbines and a transmission line that will run to the Seaforth TS.

The company is asking for comments by June 18 on the reports on archeology, cultural heritage, natural heritage, water, construction, design and operation, decommissioning, and the project description report that were available for viewing last night.

“The reason we drew a line in the sand in terms of a deadline for comments is not because we want to discourage people from sending us comments at any time – they’re welcome to do so – but in terms of the consultation report we have to and consolidate to submit with the Renewable Energy Approval application, we had to have a point where we were putting everybody’s comments together so we could make sure they were all addressed,” said Nicole Geneau, who is project director of development for NextEra Energy Canada, ULC. Read article

2 thoughts on “Bluewater wind farm application goes to MOE by end of June

  1. Where is NextEra getting the money for this project? NextEra is traded on the NYSE so they must disclose all fiancial information. How were their other Ontario projects financed? If no information comes from the company then file a complaint witht he US SEC. Anyone can file a complaint.

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