Chilly reception for Invenergy at Listowel public meeting , by Andrew Smith
(Excerpt) Another question was whether wind turbines would be sited within one km of Elma Public School in Newry, where autistic children receive special education. Knopper said he was not aware of any scientific evidence or studies of people with autism living in proximity to turbines, which brought disagreement from members of the audience.

The conversation led to other health effects caused by wind turbines, which Knopper dismissed again. “The scientific literature to date does not support the claim of adverse health effects that people have self-reported,” Knopper said, drawing cries from the audience.

One audience member even compared wind turbines to big tobacco companies that swore their product was safe initially, only to cause serious health problems later on. Knopper said that was a false comparison to make, admitting that turbines can cause problems when used improperly. “The comparison of wind turbines and tobacco is ingenuous,” he said. “We know that noise at high levels can cause problems. That’s why there are setbacks to minimize that.” Read article

1 thought on “Chilly reception for Invenergy at Listowel public meeting

  1. James Murphy is a man of no conscience or morals, just like all the rest of those carpetbaggers…I’d bet he doesn’t live anywhere near an operating turbine, so yeah, he probably sleeps pretty good.. But, one day, soon, he’s going to find out just where the community stands on this issue and does something about it…

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