Hello wind turbine – Goodbye insurance

11 thoughts on “Hello wind turbine – Goodbye insurance

  1. And the deal just keeps getting sweeter for the lease holders, doesn’t it? Who knew you should consult a lawyer, not the wind company’s lawyer, your own? ‘Oh, poor me!’

    • I asked my insurance provider who would be liable if the 100ft poles and 115kv line fell on my house/car or a visitors car or ice fell from the lines and caused damage. I was told that unless it was written in the easement contract declaring the line owner responsible,my house insurance would then have a claim against it

      • Then the line owner gets a free ride on your insurance. But does the presence of the line/lines increase your policy cost due to the increased risk?

  2. Just read that today is Global Wind Day, who the h*)) declared that one?, and not one turbine blade turning in Northern Bruce Peninsula this afternoon.

  3. If Toronto and other major cities knew what McGuinty had spent on wind turbines (14billion so far) and that he shut down a plant producing electricity for 2-3 cents per kwt hour in Niagara, they would hang him from a light standard at Bloor and Yonge street. The man is insane for not getting it, we will pay dearly for this huge fiasco

  4. The last public meeting for WPD approval in Manvers Township is on June 19th, 530pm until 9pm at Rolling Hills school, corner of Hwy 35 and HWY 7A City of Kawartha Lakes. Last chance to have your voices and questions heard and answered. Come out and help us stop this invasion of our two communities, Bethany and Pontypool. Thank you

  5. wind turbines are a mega scam and should be looked into.remember Y2K, e health +orange emergency chopper service.something is not rite here.come on (ontario) pay attention its your money enough is enough. what5s so difficult (no wind no hydro)

  6. if leseholders are going to intrude on neighbors health, safety , welfare and property values, they should be held accountable for their actions and disregard of neighbors…Keep us informed… Cathi Orr Founder and President Clear skies Over Orangeville rural Preservation Coalition:, Orangeville (wyoming County ,New York…

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