Renewable power targets at risk, Samsung consultant warns

John Spears, The Star
A backroom battle in an obscure committee over a set of esoteric rules could spell trouble for the Ontario Liberal government’s targets for renewable energy. A consultant for the province’s biggest renewable energy firms – including Samsung Renewable Energy – says that the province’s goal of installing 10,700 megawatts of renewable generating capacity by 2018 is at risk.

“Things need to move faster,” Jason Chee-Aloy said in an interview Thursday. “If the government is serious about getting these contracted renewable generation projects in service, (then) the developers that have to construct these things and the lenders that have to finance these projects – everyone needs a lot more certainty.” Read article

5 thoughts on “Renewable power targets at risk, Samsung consultant warns

  1. “everyone needs a lot more certainty’

    Ha! Dalton’s starting to dither. I’m hopeful the future will bring more uncertainty and eventual collapse for dalton’s idiotic hallmark project. Unless he can combine them with all-day kindergarten…

  2. Yep… The offshore wind companies et al are starting to get a little worried.. Most excellent !!!Things need to go faster, they say???What a laugh.. With an upcoming election blowing in the wind, they’re getting edgy.. When this house of cards of McGooffy’s comes tumbling down,, Wow!!! it’s going to be some sight, to be sure…!!!!

    • I always wondered who the advisors were. Dalton isn,t smart enough to dream this mess up himself. I,ve often heard that an “expert” is someone that lives more that 50km away from the supposed problem. That would make me an expert. I advise Dalton to call an election and give up his riding for the party.

  3. Things need to move faster for sure. The faster the wind companies leave and take McGuinty with them, all the better for Ontario. Maybe we can get back to having normal lives.
    ‘I have a dream.’ for a better life for my children and my grandchildren.

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