Tempers blow, profanity flows at turbine gathering

Ellwood Shreve, Chatham Daily News
BLENHEIM – Profanity laced-tirades were heard as emotions ran high during a public meeting here about the health impacts of green energy projects. More than 50 people attended the meeting at the Blenheim Community Golf Club, organized by the Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group. The topic was “Industrial Wind Turbines and Your Family Health.”

Carmen Krogh, a retired pharmacist who has been researching the adverse effects on wind turbines on human health for the past four years, spoke about peer-reviewed studies that have shown increasing setbacks for industrial wind turbines to 2-kilometres has diminished complaints about negative impacts to human health. Minimum setbacks for the majority of wind turbines in Chatham-Kent are 550 metres.

Jay Wilgar, vice-president, field operations for International Power Canada, the company erecting turbines across Chatham-Kent, asked Krogh how many farmers and landowners with turbines on their property have complained about noise or health impacts. Krogh said several landowners have signed contracts that require them to accept noise and other issues with the turbines.

Many landowners, she said, have approached her after she’s made presentations, admitting they are suffering ill health effects from the turbines. Some have even moved from their property. Read article

7 thoughts on “Tempers blow, profanity flows at turbine gathering

  1. What is missing from this article is that Jay Wilgar and his wind co-lackey were somewhat intoxicated ( to say the least ) at the beginning of the meeting! 
    They were hostile from the first moment they set eyes on Monica…
    They stood behind a room devider  screen while Carmen Krogh delivered her information session.
    They heckled and used foul language the entire time!
    They were extremely disrespectful!!!!
    Then when it came to the Q&A they were first at bat! 
    One of the men took off his Wind turbine logo ball cap and replaced it with a Detroit cap….I asked him if he removed it out of shame?
    He replied that he gave it to a farmer!
    I wonder do they all go around with spare hats?
    Maybe they don’t like being recognized!
    Anyhow they deserved more than the short outburst they got!
    Cowards, Bullies, Criminals these are all words that should be imprinted on their hats!
    They remind me of those guys dressed in black on horseback going from homestead to homestead threatening the country folk to sign away the rights to their homes!
    All we can do is to continue to stand up to them and fight for our right to live our quiet country lives!

  2. Well, what’dya know !!. People are FINALLY starting to wake up and grow as set of b___$…We should all be extremely proud of these people for standing up to these goofs..Never mind the profanity issue.. It seems it’s the language they understand..Now, they really didn’t think anyone was going to ever threaten them or their family, did they???It’s only just begun !!!!

    • Ya i agree!
      Bravo to thise brave individules…
      You know who are…
      Hmmm I think many families are being threatened daily by these Wind Thugs!
      Bunch of disrespectful cowards who need to be all Boozed-up to take on a group of really good people!

  3. International Power Canada must be so proud to have Wilgar on their payroll. Wow, wish I could get good help like that! Employee of the month for sure!

    • Wilgar has been there since the company began/was
      founder and stayed on through all the ownership changes.
      Correct me if I’m wrong.

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