Trepidation over Island wind turbines

By Ruth Farquhar, The Sudbury Star
However, one First Nations woman asked Suzuki if the turbines would make them sick. He replied with a simple, “no.” She went on the say that she had been reading it many times, but according to Suzuki, the people who say that are, “the ones who don’t want turbines here.”

She asked if they would kill birds and bats. He replied, “yes, the turbines need to be placed and positioned in the right way so this doesn’t happen.” This was the first time I had heard that there is a way to position the industrial turbines to stop the killing birds. I wonder if the two in M’Chigeeng or the 33 planned for MacLean’s Mountain will be “positioned properly?”

As I spoke with Bentley about the concerns of Island residents and the protesters, he replied, “this isn’t the time to talk about that, this is a time to celebrate with the community this marvelous achievement.” As I watched a children’s drum group from Lake View School sing and drum the Eagle Honour Song, I knew what he was saying, but dismissing the views of many Islanders is not the way to go. This government insists on brushing the fears of their constituents away.

Watching Suzuki be treated like a rock star with children gathering around him and people trying to get close enough to talk to him and take pictures with family members, I thought of all the times and my family and I would watch him on The Nature of Things and of all the work he has done over the years to educate and lobby for a safe environment. That morning, I had read one of his columns taking the provincial government to task over Bill 55, which as he says, “will strike at the heart of the Ontario’s Endangered Species at Risk Act. These changes would reduce the level of protection and undermine public management of cherished forests, lakes, rivers and the immeasurable benefits they provide.” I asked him about his comments, given his support for the green energy act and being here with Bentley. Suzuki replied, “I am not here with Minister Bentley, I received a letter from the First Nation of M’Chigeeng asking if I would attend. Look, the premier has done some good for the province but this bill will be terrible and I will continue to criticize this government.” Read article

12 thoughts on “Trepidation over Island wind turbines

  1. “yes, the turbines need to be placed and positioned in the right way so this doesn’t happen.”
    And this is why he has no credibility as a scientist anymore. Does he think of himself as an engineer as well?

    • There are a lot of people feathering their nests from IWTs. Now it’s much clearer where this positioning crap is coming from when connections are followed.
      Two posters in the last several days have called peoples attention to the bird situation with suspicions that things don’t add up and this does appear to be the case.

  2. I can’t believe David Suzuki would make the comment…..the people who get sick are the ones who don’t want Turbines. Time and time again all over the world people have embraced this so-called green energy, welcomed it into their communities and have suffered health affects after. Basically he’s calling everyone a liar!

  3. Often times people will welcome these monsters, assuming they bring jobs, “it’s free” (the energy), we’ll get tax dollars for our schools, — they neglect to say, oh by the way some of you will have to abandon your homes because you can no longer live there.

    Many who do suffer can’t speak if they have a “gag clause” in their contract, and if they supported turing their rural area into an industrial complex, now they are embarrassed to admit they believed the sales guy’s pitch and didn’t do their homework.

  4. As far as I’m concerned Suzuki is just another politician. I will never ever trust that man again.

  5. Suzuki’s scientific achievements now include being able to ‘talk’ to the bats and birds so they can avoid the IWTs that he claims can be sited to avoid bat and bird fatallities….!!!!
    Regardless of anything he has accomplished in the past, in setting himself up as an extremely wealthy TV star, his outright support of Industrial Wind Turbines in Ontario proves beyond doubt he is now no more than a political charlatan.
    His hypocrisy in objecting to McGuinty’s dismantling of the Environment Act in order to give Industrial Wind Energy companies a way to avoid having to carry out any Environmental Assessments is only overshadowed by his supreme arrogance.
    He is no environmentalist.
    Andrew Watts

  6. How can anyone mistake this rabid ideologue for an objective scientist any more? How many years will go by before the CBC realizes that he’s no longer an asset, but a liability? This guy is not only an embarrassment to science, he’s a pustule on the face of Humanity.

  7. >>>>He replied, “yes, the turbines need to be placed and positioned in the right way so this doesn’t happen.”<<<<

    Well Mr. Suzuki, you sound very knowledgeable concerning this subject…..Could you please provide us an overview of what the details of the siting specification will look like which in your opinion constitutes ‘the right way’? And could you back it up with some actual scientific research that addresses (at least on a modelling and statistical basis) the protection of birds, bats etc? While you are at it, could you at least give us the approach that is required for validation of the statistical model? And if it turns out that the modelling is wrong, could you then please oh please lend us your expertise as to how one goes about implementing the remedial measures that wouldl be required to ‘return nature to what it was at its baseline condition’? Would you like to regale us with what you believe the risk factors are will all this? Mr Suzuki… there is a reason why people put the name ‘junk science’ to what you believe in……

  8. That the cultural celebrity which is David Suzuki expresses himself with naive arrogance, often excused as frustration, should come as no surprise. He is after all characteristically human… a homo sapiens life form who has become a celebrated cultural representation, in this case of contemporary alchemy. He is both proto-scientist and a pseudo-scientist dependent upon the cultural milieu and subsequent state of mind in which he finds himself. Our characteristic reliance on celebrity representation in culture is a function of rationalizing evolving/maturing cortical cognitive development associated with more primitive sensate brain structures. Suzuki and humans in general cannot be deemed responsible, in the esoteric sense, for any perceived inconsistencies or hypocrisy in their behaviors since they are the response to culturally conditioned operant variables, those predominant in their individual lives. That Suzuki exhibits the prerequisite condescending character, albeit positively perceived as opposed to negative, that is, encourages adulation and reverence through positive social reinforcement, is a statement to humanity and our evolutionary determined desire for social coherence. No one of our rogue primate species could conscientiously hold up to a scrutiny of virtue which is highlighted in celebrity. (Executive summary: expecting Suzuki to descend from his self righteous pedestal is like expecting Adam Sandler to be in a good film.)

    • Hey Mr Norman, that was a very nice piece of writing…you put vivid form and flesh on to both the culture that adulates the hypocrosy and stupidity of Suzuki as well as the man himself…..Reminds me of the rock start who used the expression ‘Legend in his own mind”……

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