Green tag new way to market Niagara

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What do you get when you combine the Honeymoon Capital of the World, the Rose City and the Garden City together? The Green Energy Capital of Canada, of course.

On Thursday, in a 20-7 vote, regional council approved the Niagara region to be known as the Green Energy Capital of Canada, an idea proposed by Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati. The new title will come with signs being erected at key entry ways to Niagara in a new way to market the area, said Diodati.

“It’s not the only way, but one more way to market ourselves,” he said. “There’s a lot of green energy things happening here that just aren’t on the surface.” Diodati said while the hydroelectric history of Niagara Falls is the driving factor, solar power, wind power and energy efficient companies help with the self-proclaimed title.

He referenced Cytec as an example. The company, the largest producer of phosphine products in the world, is undergoing a $150 million expansion. “They make what is used in LED lights. That’s extremely green,” said Diodati.

The name isn’t because Niagara is affected by the greenbelt legislation, Diodati said, and was chosen after months of research. Places like James Bay and Vancouver were looked at for what green initiatives they were partaking in. “We have the Great Lakes, and there are great wind opportunities because of that. We are right beside Leamington — the most southern point in Canada — and there are great sunshine opportunities because of that,” he said. “We have the waterfalls and green-energy companies want to come here.” He noted Shanghai Taisheng Wind Power Equipment Co. Ltd. announced in June plans to produce wind-turbine parts in Thorold. Read article

17 thoughts on “Green tag new way to market Niagara

  1. Of course they have not counted on the march of the dreaded NIMBY-ZOMBIES…–cohn-deconstructing-the-liberal-destruction-of-power-plants

    Coming soon to a liberal newspaper near you…

    Tempting as it is for any party in opposition to righteously (but wrongly) curry favour with NIMBYism, it’s a recipe, for perpetual BANANAism — Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything.

    Again we must be grateful to the Star for explaining the issues so clearly.

  2. India moved into Green Energy and WInd Turbines and Solar in the Past:

    I’d say it worked out for them…
    A massive power blackout hit 20 of India’s 28 states, leaving 620 million Indians without electricity. With #powergridfailure trending on Twitter worldwide, Indians took to social media to express their exasperation and outrage – with a note of ridicule and sarcasm.

    Just sayin’

  3. These poeple rattle on about making the earth sustainable yet they advocate using scarce resources to manufacture and install IWTs which don’t produce a reliable source of electricity. and don’t reduce CO2 when connected to a power grid.Don’t these people realise what they say dosen’t make sense?

  4. How green is my greed in Niagara? The Niagara Regional Council has a vested financial interested in wind energy companies. And it regularly votes on policy to favour those companies, IN A DIRECT CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Of course Niagara is Green, green with GREED.

    • Hey – can we still have an open minded discussion?
      or, do citizens have to –
      ‘just go along for the ride’ – ????

      What’s the bottom line?

  5. At one time Smitherman stated he wanted Guelph to be the poster boy for the Green Energy Act he jammed down everyone’s throat!………………now Niagara wants to be the most hated town in Ontario!!!!…….let them have it!!!

  6. Unfortuately you can’t just blame Diodoti, the Mayor of Niagara Falls! There are a whole host of Niagara Regional Councilors just wetting themselves to show their support for the regional wind energy companies and not just in the name of Niagara! They plan on forcing a ‘One’ Niagara down everyone’s throats so not only might Niagara become the most ‘hated town in Ontario’ they also want to drag two of Niagara’s rural municipalities, Wainfleet and West Lincoln, down with them.
    Both of these are fighting IWT projects targeting their communities and Wainfleet(I am biased..!!)has done as much, if not more than most Ontario municipalities to try and stop these things and continues to do so! If you travel Niagara Region and drive up Highway 406 look at the construction signs then research Niagara’s IWT companies! Follow the money trail!!!
    This has nothing to do with giving foreign communist Chinese business deals to open ‘made to fail’ factories in the region, more just business as usual for an inept regional ‘government’.
    Andrew Watts

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