Wind farm setback ignored

by Paul Morden, London Free Press

The mayor of Plympton-Wyoming says he’s disappointed Suncor Energy isn’t following the town’s two-kilometre setback requirement in plans for its Cedar Point Wind Power Project.

While Ontario’s Green Energy Act removed municipal control of planning approvals for renewable energy projects, Plympton-Wyoming passed a bylaw calling for wind turbines to be built no closer than two kilometres from neighbouring homes. The province only requires 550-metres.

“I was hoping they would abide by our bylaw and set them at the required distance we were looking for,” Mayor Lonny Napper said. “I was disappointed with that.”

Suncor is holding public open houses for its Cedar Point project. The first was held Tuesday in Camlachie Community Centre, with tonight’s at the Forest Legion and Aug. 23 at Centennial Hall in Watford. They run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Read article

12 thoughts on “Wind farm setback ignored

  1. Just create a new “fine” — $1000 a meter would be a good place to start thinking for the penalty for placing a wind turbine too close to a house.

    • Stop work notice and blockade of construction sites. Once they build it ,very hard to stop it then. Just to let you know we do have the right to shut it down when there is abundant proof they do harm and there is a health study in the process so that is enough for us to shut these down until these studies are completed and analysed by local community. You would not listen to a Hitler type of power hungry and demented asshole would you? I do not answer to these type of fascist authority when they put us in harms way,they have remedy and they refuse it. Now it is our turn.

    • Well, if you follow the sequence of events, Suncor has to obtain a permit before starting construction of a turbine. Without a permit, they are in violation if they start, and the job would be shut down. This should be legally enforceable. It is up to Suncor to meet the requirements of the permit. For now, they can do all the planning they want–hold meetings, and try and make residents believe they are on course. But they haven’t met the terms of the building permit, and they know it. In addition, they will be required to post a $200,000 bond(?) to ensure that the hardware will be removed at the end-of-life.

      A fine of $1,000/metre, presumes they have erected turbines in violation of the building permit. Are we getting the “cart the horse before”? Do you see the legal battle shaping up? If you were Suncor, what would you be thinking and doing? I would expect all the persuasion and bullying, and BS, and intimidation, that they can muster. They have nothing to lose. I expect them to start construction without a permit, and expect the municipality to react. Plympton-Wyoming acts to halt construction through legal channels. Now who’s in violation of the by-laws?

      I can see the script being written for the sequel to “Windfall”, the movie. Will we see the big media covering all the commotion, or have they been “hushed”?

  2. Please note – Camlachie is Tues. Aug. 21 (tonight), & Forest is Wed. Aug.22 for the Cedar Point project open houses.

  3. If the mayor had been following the information that’s been posted here he would’nt have been surprised.

  4. Forget suing these big companies,

    I say People should sue our
    very own Dalton!!

    Wouldnt that say
    everything In a nutshell?

    • A politician “just doing his job” cannot be sued. McGuinty the hapless is “Just doing his Job” — at least as he sees it. The ballot box ix one way of ridding us of this pestilence in the form of the Liberals and their witless leader. However, as long as the NDP are acting as co-conspirators in this emptying of the public purse we can expect no relief.

      It is true that the an NDP official could develop some reading skills and review the current findings on the efficacy of wind power — but don’t count on it. Unless you are a member of those who would collectivize everything they care not a whit for you. Their recent actions confirm this. In any case between the Liberals and the NDP we can expect Ontario to become a ghost of the Soviet Union where everything was destroyed in the name of public good.

      Strange isn’t it? Those who view themselves as saviors are the destroyers. Those maligned as destroyers and anti-environmentalists are working to save this fair province.


  5. Environmental groups ( mostly in the U.S., but spreading ) have latched on to a new scam. They are manipulating regulations and laws, at the same time bringing in big bucks. The new scam is being called “sue and settle”. Government puts on a show of bravado against these organizations….org sues….gov. settles…..and everyone goes home richer and happier….paid for by the taxpayer.

    • Welcome to Ontario – ‘Crony Capitalism’
      ……a politician – will see you now!

    • Fraud, influence peddling and crony corruption are illegal. They are not usually the subject of lawsuits but are the business of law enforcement. Lawsuits of this type usually take place after criminal convictions first take place.

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