Chatham-Kent Appeal adjournment denied

Chatham Daily News
A request for adjournment concerning an appeal of the South Kent Wind Warm has been turned down, according to a staff member of the appellant’s lawyer.  Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group Inc. was seeking more time in order to line up witnesses, since multiple hearings are taking place in the province. The group is being represented by Toronto-based Eric Gillespie.

The Environmental Review Tribunal hearing is set to resume Aug. 30 at the Chatham-Kent Civic Centre.  The 124-turbine project — a joint venture between Samsung and Pattern Energy — has received conditional approval from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.  CKWAG appealed the project citing potential health impacts.

4 thoughts on “Chatham-Kent Appeal adjournment denied

  1. We are a bunch of voting cattle and this is what we have to go through because what we do not know or care to know. we basically want to be caged. Tough message but true, even tough you may think you are free. YOUR NOT! Only thing this guy in this message is missing is love and that I believe is missing in this message Cheers!.

  2. An adjournment?
    Of course it is denied.
    ERT is an arm of government.
    The VERY same government ramming these IWT’s down our throats.
    Anything they can do to make it more difficult – more inconvenient – is a bonus for the government/ERT. They then have a better chance of being successful in winning the appeal and making it impossible for the appellants to orchestrate the best possible case possible. All done legally and above board of course.

    Excuse me while I hurl.

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