Environment Canada Bird Studies: “I’m surprised they didn’t do this before”

The Windsor StarWildlife researchers want to better understand the migration of birds and bats partly to help them avoid collisions with wind turbines.

There are four radar and 16 acoustic recording devices set up throughout the Two Creeks Conservation Area in Wheatley, including on top of the toboggan hill. The devices will tell researchers the height, speed and direction birds and bats fly. Biologists will use acoustic data to separate the insects from the birds and differentiate between birds and bats.

“We are trying to get a better understanding of movement and migration in southern Ontario birds and bats,” said Ryan Zimmerling, a wildlife habitat biologist with Environment Canada. Researchers will also combine the data with information on the weather to find out how birds and bats react to a weather front. Do they fly higher or lower when the barometric pressure drops? Will birds avoid flying over the Great Lakes and follow the shoreline during particular weather events? Researchers hope to answer those questions with the data they collect within a two kilometre radius of the equipment until early November. The equipment was set up Aug. 13. Some birds are known to start migrating south in late July. Most bird and bat species depart Canada in September to late October. Some birds and bats migrate as far south as South America. Read article

5 thoughts on “Environment Canada Bird Studies: “I’m surprised they didn’t do this before”

  1. “Environment Canada Bird Studies”….AKA “Closing the barn doors after the horse is gone”!!

  2. How about prevention of the problem rather prescribing remedies for it. Don’t build windmills. Problem solved.

  3. Exactly, John.
    Studies should have already been done.
    But really should we be surprised? I am not.
    To be expected under McTurbine’s regime.
    It blows my mind that turbine projects continue to be approved even though Krogh, McMurtry, et al have voiced grave concerns.

    Also getting tired of people spouting that the people in The Netherlands embrace IWT’s.
    Not all of them do, so that is bull$hit.
    Some 100 families in the municipality of Houten are opposed to a proposed turbine project.
    A bunch of IWT’s are in the north sea, so not near where people live.
    And yes, some are near villages. However, the turbines there are much, much smaller than those in Ontario. But, hey, don’t let the facts get in the way.

    • When you have the MSM on board then anything can be said and get away with it. Any other information is not allowed to be published.

  4. Yup nice their on board but little late! Thats the liberal way, do now think later, oops spend millions on mistakes……..

    The windfarm “studies” are nothing more then a farse! Weve all read of windies hiding the dead birds and falsly recording actual facts.

    The idiots out my way are putting up monster turbines right across a ducks unlimited site, the windfarm didnt even do a bird study anywhere near it either!

    When i questioned the conservation auth and the ducks unlimited groups when the windfarm was going to put an access rd bulldozed right through it, all i got was a oh well? Ducks arent high on the kill list ( well yet!!!) never mind the herons and owls that are there either i guess!

    No one will notice how these turbines will decimate everything until its much too late.

    These studies should have all been done yrs ago and not by the windfarms own crooks!

    Goes to show everyones been bought out when the conservation auths cant even protect squat! And thats their job! Sad

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