Wind turbines can harm humans: a case study

Carmen ME Krogh, Independent
Roy D Jeffery, Independent
Jeff Araminic, Intelligent Health Solutions
Brett Horner, Independent

Wind Turbines – Risk of Harm
Wind Turbines – Noise Perception and Health
Wind Turbines – Annoyance and Health

12 thoughts on “Wind turbines can harm humans: a case study

  1. Per report received from its consultant (and obtained under FOI request) the MOE has known since 2011 that windmills are causing harm to Ontario residents, and he has done nothing to stop their erection/operation and protect the health of his constituents. He is a heartless barbarian. I hope Hudak is reading these articles. This is his chance to show some genuine outrage on our behalf. It is time to start suing the MOE for their reckless negligence.

  2. Finally — a more honest report on dangers of wind farms.
    I’ve been waiting for ages for this. I attended the location in PIcton 2 years ago but the conference pulled down about $40,000 as i remember it — $300 a head — the three of us refused to pay that. Most of the “experts” did not have the social responsibility to follow up with further action. As journalists we were not permitted to attend as observers.

    Hopefully, these latest items will bring honesty to the fore on this issue.

    — Victor Fletcher / Toronto Street News / member of century farm family at Fergus
    Read about further items that will be posted at — we are recovering from our 3rd arson attack at the moment!

  3. This makes Dr. Arlene King’s “famous” report obsolete. Now how will the Liberals defend their push to continue destroying rural Ontario’s food-producing farmlands?

  4. Victor, You are so incredibly wrong.
    They have been and continue to work on this issue 24/7. Over 4 years.
    Please don’t ever do that again.
    You have no idea what is in the background.
    Researchers are not always “out there” in the public eye like many other vocal advocates.
    You must realize this industry has had more than 20 years of preparation and marketing their plans to government and the public alike.
    It is neither a quick nor easy task to unravel the layers but people from many different backgrounds are doing just that.

  5. Some of the people involved in IWTs are very wealthy and have clout not only here but on the international level. Making money from renewable energy is what they are interested in and they don’t care about the health effects on humans as they won’t be living near IWTs. Climate change provides a means for these people to hide behind in their quest to enrich themselves. The more Chicken Little stories published and/or broadcast the better it is for these people.
    Scare sells ideas and products!

  6. Yes Ontariowoe,
    I am smack dab in the eye of the storm; and I am sure I have no idea the extent to which people are working as hard as they can and to the best of their ability. Believe me, I could not be more grateful or appreciative of those individuals, who from the goodness of their hearts; and their great respect of humility, offer their time, energy, expertise and hold such compassion to help people like myself- for these reasons only and not for their own financial gain.
    People governing our province are ruthless, unethical sobs. What is going on is criminal. We are experiencing the acts of a tyrant comparable to a modern day Hitler. At this point they are desperate and capable of anything. We are prepared to continue this battle.
    We will stand strong together and bring this house of horrors to an end.

    • Our current issue of Toronto Street News has the front page on Vegas casino gambling and related prostitute characters hovering around Toronto trying to suck money out of Toronto with McGuinty’s help. We mention McGuinty’s help for wind turbines in the story as he is adopting the US policy to put as many people as possible into cities and therefore industrialize farm lands at every opportunity.

      The Toronto Star also writes its stories as though there is no one outside of the city who exists — they refer to small towns vaguely located as somewhere north or east or west of Toronto.

      I’ve waited a long time here to finally see a scientific report from an activist — yes, many anecdotal pieces of evidence have been seen here — I agree — I’ve reported these myself here in Fergus but now we have the kind of hay-maker that can take down McGuinty’s lies and suppression of the truth. The Toronto media aids in this — the NOW, the Toronto Star, etc., don’t give a hoot about the truth — they are in bed with the Liberals and the ignorant so-called ‘Green’ people — and that includes the Mega-Quarry issue at Shelburne.

  7. Individuals in the present governnment don’t have the wealth to pull this scam off but do have control over of the laws and/or regulations necessary to pull this scam off. The eco-nuts involved in this don’t have the necessary money either but do serve as water boys for this whole scam. Then the MSM provides the needed propaganda. End result is that very wealthy well connected fat cats cash in on this whole scam.

  8. “End result is that very wealthy well connected fat cats cash in on this whole scam”.
    Fat cats can be defeated !
    Use left and right brain at even 50 percent capacity you can stop fictions but with the knowledge you need is to stop acting as fictions yourselves{corporate citizens,straw-man).
    Stay at what your using the wealth of these fictions will use there fat money accounts and connections against you.
    They know and we know they are harming us and continue to. Legal system uses legalese in there law society and corruption in this governments with the help of MOE and wind corps are prolonging there terrorism and inhuman living conditions upon the rural people.
    Time to use our brains and our creators given rights to live in peace. i am sure he does not want us to be bullied and enslaved by these parasites that think they have the authority to commit torture over us? That is not in my agenda as man passing thru this life experience.

    • Yes, fat cats can be defeated but you first need to know who they are and that all the fat cats are not involved in this scam.

  9. Sure we know, Who helps and feed them this scam? Realize, real eyes there weakness. We run around as meatsticks allowing them to take advantage of us,by not knowing who we really are. We are in the district of Columbia (Vatican system) and walk around like we are dead meat that they proclaim. Know this first to understand the system as we are not dead stock but alive with dominion over fictions. Weird but true,just you figure it out it is out there if you care to investigate and if you do not bother your loss there gain.

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