17 people have complained of health issues from turbines

Don Crosby, For The Sun Times

GREY HIGHLANDS – A Grey Highlands woman wants her council to prod the provincial government into investigating health issues that she and more than a dozen others say are caused from living near industrial wind turbines south of Maxwell.

“I want council to write the Ministry of the Environment on behalf of all of us and say there are people who are suffering, that we have problems with this and I’m hoping their voice will carry some weight. How many people is the MOE going to ignore?” asked Virginia Stewart Love.

Last week’s plea was a follow up to a letter she wrote to council on April 27 signed by 17 people who detail health effects that they say began following production by the 11 wind turbines belonging to the Plateau Wind Project located along south of Maxwell along County Rd. 2.

The project began production in February of this year. Since then Stewart Love has made dozens of complaints to the MOE about pressure in her head and ears, vibration within her body, ringing in the ears particularly at night but sometimes during the day.  read article


8 thoughts on “17 people have complained of health issues from turbines

  1. Okay, if council can get the dumb ass MOE to listen to the health related reports from the corporate citizens but not from the Creators creation on a personal basis then that would blow me away. Cause these corrupt MOE’rs don not give a rats ass. I have a thick pile of complaints on my desk from these criminals that allow torture to continue with there common statements that they are in compliance and there are no health related issues and they have tested the noise issues. Common crap and they believe their own lie. Downright assholes. Cheers and peace on this great province of corruption and fascism.

  2. Every time another batch of giant wind turbines are shoehorned into rural Ontario, another group of our neighbours get sick. These are nothing like the ones they used to use to grind wheat and make the single wind turbine in Toronto look like a pogo stick. This isn’t about cars, coal, nuclear, blah, blah, blah. It’s about stopping a useless industry from literally hurting more people and sucking the life out of this province by paying through the nose for a useless and unsustainable green mirage.

  3. No, they are not grinding wheat – these 40 storey monstrosities are grinding people!
    Coal has been around forever, and will be so – as well as cars etc and all the other things we need to live our modern day lives. It keeps the economy going. Status Quo!
    This turbine scam is costly in so many ways – but most importantly so detrimental to health.
    Innocent people’s health!
    It is also costly because our panels of so called ‘experts’ have to be paid somehow, to sit through embarrassing open houses and be the target of multiple questions being fired at them from innocent and distraught residents.
    I am still awaiting replies from various MP’s – both local and in Ottawa – regarding letters I have sent, requesting help in various forms. We actually did gt a reply from a MOE representative last week. Interesting reading! (Ask for a copy if you need one and I will post it)
    More people are learning daily about the turbines scam, websites such as this help tremendously.
    Because – and we all know it – we get no help whatsoever from our councils!

      • Thanks, Free Thinker – and so many others are too – unfortunately we are not politicians, or councillors, or huge companies, or paid off ‘puppets’ who will benefit financially from this nasty cancerous spread.

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