Rural revolt zaps Samsung jobs

London Free Press, Norman DeBono
A rural backlash against industrial wind farms is delaying urban Ontario hundreds of jobs promised under the province’s $7-billion deal with Samsung.

Angry residents opposed to wind turbines are filling rural meeting halls and politicians are demanding a moratorium on future wind farms until a recently announced federal health study on turbines is completed. The fight is keeping people from working the plant floor in three communities and delaying the opening of the Samsung plant for London promised a year ago by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

“I am anxious we move on this and I have made it clear I am anxious,” Energy Minister Chris Bentley said Friday. The agreement the McGuinty Liberals cut with Samsung calls for the Korean industrial giant to open four plants in Ontario. Plants in Tillsonburg, Toronto and Windsor have opened but they’re not operating at capacity. The London plant is delayed.

Each plant is being built to serve an Ontario wind farm or solar project. When the projects are approved, the plants will be humming, said Bentley, MPP for London West. “The manufacturing facilities are all designed to serve these (Ontario) projects first and foremost,” he said. “The jobs are coming because they are all tied to the projects.”

Bentley cited “procedural delays” such as environmental reviews and “various consultations and discussions” as slowing the process. Read article

19 thoughts on “Rural revolt zaps Samsung jobs

  1. When the solar farms and the turbines are built and those farms are completed everyone will be laid off and there will be no jobs. These jobs are bs are only temporary. In the mean time your hydro rates will be up another 46%. But the liberal will have made millions and millions on the wind contracts. Where does this money go? Probably to there bank accounts that are offshore!!

  2. “Peter Taubins, NDP energy critic, slammed Bentley for not speeding the approval process and dealing with concerns that have fuelled oppositon.”
    “I have dealt with green energy developers who are frustrated, Taubins said.”
    Are developers now counting on the NDP to continue the renewable energy folly?

  3. wow that Taubins is a piece of work. Looks like big wind has got their hooks in to him as well. He wants to speed up an already corrupt approval process. Scary now that the NDP hold the balance of power.

      • Tabuns has been supporting the Liberals from day one on this policy. He has stood in the legislature speaking (lying) about wind power for what seems 20 minutes straight on many occasions. He is a huge proponent, probably a huge investor I suspect. He runs the NDP not Andrea the Abstainer Horwath.
        He and Gilles Bisson looked up at the ruraly people in the gallery, some who had been made sick and forced from their homes and they literally laughed at us.
        They are pigs.

  4. Useless jobs, created to make stuff for which the only market (captive) is Ontario, to build components for plants that we don’t need and that provide little or no environmental benefit. Going around in ever-decreasing non-productive circles until Ontario eventually disappears up it’s own a**.

  5. Tell you what Mr. Minister, Chris Bentley, sir,…. take your jobs and… Put them in Toronto, along with the Industrial Wind Turbines and the extra people. It’s a good fit. High Park comes to mind, as do the steps of City Hall and the Front awn of the Legislature — not to mention the Queens Park itself eh?

    The only other good fit I can think of is forbidden to be mentioned here… But I can give you a hint… Although the Solar Panel would fit — there would be insufficient Sunshine to provide useful power — somewhat like your offerings.

    Us country folk like our peace and quiet. We would rather hear crickets chirp than listen to ministerial mewlings of frustration!

    Just sayin…

  6. I say hurray for the little people fighting against the Goliath Wind companies and our gov’t who is in bed with the Goliaths…. do everything you can to slow them down… don’t give up… don’t give in to their scare tactics.

  7. “The circumstances around the plant's creation is “rather bizarre” and one of the reasons why Duncan cleaned house at the OLG in August, just a few weeks after he assumed responsibility for the agency from then-cabinet minister George Smitherman”

    My goodness Barbara from your link above this was another fine mess Slitherman style. Wonder what this slime has on McGuinty? must be big for McGuinty to keep the clown. Although Duncan was energy minister at the same time. Duncan’s white elephant to be sure. The 3 stooges have sure kicked Ontario to the curb

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