Bentley: “People keep asking us, ‘Where are the green energy jobs?’

by Hugo Rodrigues, Brantford Expositor
Ontario Speaker Dave Levac began his day Thursday by finding Energy Minister Chris Bentley in breach of parliamentary privilege for failing to release documents. And the Brant MPP ended his day by warmly greeting Bentley to a wind turbine parts assembly plant in Brantford.

Levac’s ruling Thursday morning chided Bentley for refusing to release documents on the cancellation of two power plants in Oakville and Mississauga, but withheld any sanction until Sept. 24. At around 4 p.m., he joined Bentley for a tour of the Automodular Corp. plant on Henry Street.

“Dave spoke years ago about the job opportunities that green energy would bring…,” Bentley said after Levac introduced him to employees and company officials. Read article

14 thoughts on “Bentley: “People keep asking us, ‘Where are the green energy jobs?’

  1. Mike Crawley is a Canadian businessman and political activist. He is originally from the Ottawa region, having joined the Liberal Party at age 15 in the riding of Ottawa-West-Nepean. On January 14, 2012 he was elected president of the Liberal Party of Canada for a two year term[1] defeating former Liberal Member of Parliament Sheila Copps by 26 votes.[2] Crawley was formerly president of the federal party’s Ontario wing.[3]

    A Toronto businessman, Crawley is president of renewable power generation company company, International Power Canada, Inc.[4] In 2001, he founded AIM PowerGen Corporation, a wind power developer, owner and operator and was its CEO [5] until International Power Inc. acquired it in 2009.[6]
    Just think of how much money he is making. He doesn’t care about the people of rural Ontario.

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  3. Green Job – it’s whatever you think it is.

    A defining moment:
    ‘[excerpt] “People keep asking us, ‘Where are the green energy jobs?'” Bentley said.’

    I’m on the floor – give me more!

    • hahahahahahahaha!
      Coal is bad – so they say – but,
      Does Mr. Bentley – go to bed – an hour early
      to ‘conserve’ – energy/electricity?

      It’s very important to know.

      Conservation – sapping the economy!

  4. Automodular Corp. (AM:Toronto)
    May 10,2012 Automodular agreement with Vestas Nacelles A/S to sub-assemble certain wind turbine components at the new Brampton plant.
    Reuters Chart Section;
    Max. Chart,
    Sept.1,1997, closed at $6.75/shr
    Set.1,2012, closed at $1.91/shr
    Automodular Corp is an auto parts supplier and their stock on Feb.9,2009 closed at $0.21/shr. Share price recovered as the auto industry recovered.

  5. Sure hope all these workers at any of these IWT component manufacturing locations save some money so when the jobs dry up in the not so far future that they have something to hold them over between jobs. That well they are drinkin from is a very shallow one. China will start flooding the market if there is any chance of milking a dime

    • Automodular is only going to sub-assemble and not manufacture parts according to the press information. A lot less is invested to only assemble a product and easy to shut down operations.

  6. Temporary jobs !!! chris spent-lie

    Losing so many jobs but creating tons
    more at the government level! Need more
    High paid top dogs eh?

    Such a manure spread isnt it!!
    When are these people like chris, deb
    and dalt going to lose their jobs due to
    Their shodyness?? We should all be
    screaming bloody outrage to get these
    doofs out before more damage happens!

    I saw the news, too bad we should be protesting right along side the teachers as they get lots of publicity even with small numbers, compaired to ours!

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