Local Food Act just McGuinty trying to appease rural Ontario: Opposition

By Jonathan Jenkins, Toronto Sun
ROSEVILLE, ONT. – Eat, drink and be Ontarian, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday.

“If every one of our families were to spend $10 more every week on Ontario foods, that would have a $2.4 billion impact on the economy and create 10,000 jobs,” McGuinty said, as he pressed the flesh at the International Plowing Match in Roseville, near Waterloo.

“So we’ve got a new bill that we will shortly be introducing, the Local Food Act.”

McGuinty promised to consult with the public, industry and opposition parties before introducing the bill, and said supporting Ontario farmers wouldn’t have to mean more spending for the cash-strapped province.

“We’re buying the food anyway right now, for example, in our public institutions,” he said. “It’s just a matter of ensuring that we’re using our purchasing power to support local agriculture.”

Opposition parties expressed cautious support for the proposal, but suggested McGuinty was merely throwing a bone to a rural community deeply unhappy with his government.

The Liberals lost several ridings to anti-wind farm sentiment in the 2011 election and have since pulled the plug on a lucrative revenue-sharing deal with racetracks, angering the horse racing industry. Read article

25 thoughts on “Local Food Act just McGuinty trying to appease rural Ontario: Opposition

  1. Nah! McGuinty is just jumping on the next discredited “Green Thing” — The Locavore Movement — after it has been thoroughly discredited as well.

    He lurches from one NutBar theory to another in search of Nirvana, or is it the Elysian Fields — perhaps Valhalla as he imagines himself to be Thor, the god of Lightning and Thunder.

    I suspect the next step will be to erect a pyramid over the legislature and put the “all seeing eye” on Ontario Currency — in a take-off of the collapsed Social Credit movement.

    The it will be “Crystals of Power” to support a re-surgence of mining in Bancroft — and rural re-education centres in Moosonee — run by a descendent of Lysenko. Perhaps he will promote harnessing “Rainbow Power” in Thunder Bay and “Cold Power” in White River. Will he turn up at Spring Festival promoting the healing power of Maple Syrup? Who knows what will happen with this guy.

    If you think about it he should be able to do something for every region. No matter how embarrassing.

    What could he do for you? Send him a suggestion. Email him at the “Nutty Premier” page at the Legislature. Just click the “Weirdos-R-Us” button!

  2. OFA Mark Wales –
    spoke up against the ‘buy local’ – mantra – of the green movement.

    ‘[excerpt] “So we’ve got a new bill that we will shortly be introducing, the Local Food Act.”’

    I hope!!!!!!!
    OFA members will raise their voices – against this bill – before farmers find themselves
    going bankrupt.

    Wake up!

    • McGuinty – the wheels of progress

      ‘[excerpt] “If every one of our families were to spend $10 more every week on Ontario foods, that would have a $2.4 billion impact on the economy and create 10,000 jobs,” McGuinty said, as he pressed the flesh at the International Plowing Match in Roseville, near Waterloo.’

      I want to know where Mr. McGuinty’s wife – shops?

    • Mr. McGuinty – figured out – we buy food
      ………….scientifically proven

      ‘[excerpt] “We’re buying the food anyway right now, for example, in our public institutions,” he said. “It’s just a matter of ensuring that we’re using our purchasing power to support local agriculture.”’

      If you’re a 1st. time customer:
      Justice and Friendship………..
      …………To restore – beauty and sunshine –
      ‘we need your full cooperation’.
      p.s. a website – you can trust –

      I like Costco!

    • Attention please!

      Drawing Mr. McGuinty – to attention –
      …………………….’he ate my heart’ – he ate my heart’

      Note: ‘[excerpt] “The first time I hear about this is through the media. And I would expect that people in positions of responsibility among our police services would be drawing this to our attention at the earliest possible opportunity.’

      ‘[excerpt] “Sometimes the politicians are very naive people,” Soave said. “They don’t look at the danger, the risk of . . . they shake hands, they take money . . . and then ask for forgiveness.

      “This is one of the fundamental issues about organized crime. People do not want to admit that they have a problem. The people in Montreal feel it much more so than here, they understand it. It’s daily in the newspapers there. Here (in Ontario) we’re very naive. We’re very naive.”

      At the International Plowing Match east of Kitchener, Premier Dalton McGuinty said he never received warnings from police or other authorities about organized crime infiltrating Ontario politics and doubts the accusations are true.

      “If there are some serious and warranted allegations they need to be made in a substantive way, not through the media,” he told reporters.

      “The first time I hear about this is through the media. And I would expect that people in positions of responsibility among our police services would be drawing this to our attention at the earliest possible opportunity.

      “I have no reason to believe that they would want to keep this quiet and confidential if, in fact, this is grounded in reality. I would think they would have approached us in a constructive way some time ago.

      “If there’s some truth to this, then let’s get it on the table. Provide us with the background to this.”


      • @ the local level of government – who’s naive – and, who’s not?

        ‘[excerpt] “That doesn’t mean they don’t have influence in the municipalities because of the economic wealth they have in smaller areas,” Harrison said. “They are into lots of legitimate business.”

        Harrison said he now has 50 officers, with 40 in the GTA and another 10 in the Golden Horseshoe, working Mafia activity full time.’

        Let’s pitch this out – and give it – a real workout.
        Role of government:
        To protect society, including all levels of government,
        from being forced to bear unreasonable social and economic burdens of
        unwise land use.

      • Union steps in = take it to the streets – but, not yet.
        Collapse the economy – then build a new ‘green economy’

        Poker face – Lewenza

        No Agreement Yet; CAW Trying Unique Strategy

        TORONTO, Canada (WWJ) – The Canadian Auto Workers Union is using a unique strategy in its final day of negotiations before Monday night’s 11:59 p.m. deadline in talks with the Detroit three.

        Most of the focus today will be with Ford, but CAW President Ken Lewenza says his negotiators will be working simultaneously to pattern any agreements at GM and Chrysler.

        “If they’re genuinely interested in getting a deal, we can get a deal with them coinciding with Ford Motor Company because, quite frankly, we have the energy to go from room to room to room to get the job done,” Lewenza said.

        Lewenza says he’s told both GM and Chrysler that they better show a desire to have a deal, or union members will withdraw their services at tonight’s deadline.

        Chrysler officials have expressed concern about the negotiating strategy.

        U.S. Reluctant to Sell GM at Big Loss
        DETROIT—The Treasury Department is resisting a push by General Motors Co.
        to sell the government’s entire stake in the auto maker—the latest source of tension between two unlikely partners thrust together at the depths of the financial crisis.

        What jobs will be lost – forever?

  3. This is more of the nonsense like buy only manufactured goods made in Ontatio. Ontarians don’t know what it’s like to live only on food grown in Ontario. Back in the good old days fresh produce was only available during the growing season here. The rest of the year people lived on foods that could be stored for the winter months, canned and dried foods. No lettuce for salads ,no fresh citrus fruit no bananas, etc. If Ontarians want to live this way then so be it!

    • The Dolt isn’t out of touch with reality. He knows darn well what he’s doing-leading the sheep to slaughter. Ontarians are the ones who are out of touch with reality. Give your head a shake people. Oust McGuinty now.

  4. Most crazy part has received no comment so far — thought it was obvious — maybe not…

    If you present a financing plan that says — millions of people could spend just $10 (perhaps just $1) on our product and never miss the money. We intend to tap into the huge market and will therefore earn millions per day… (or similar). You proposal is tossed — because the concept is so discredited as a marketing plan that no sane investor will accept it — because it has lead to disaster in almost all circumstances. Instead you must demonstrate need and reason for purchase and how you will satisfy the market.

    McGuinty has advanced from offering an already discredited proposal (Green Energy Act/IWT’s) to offering them in multiples — in hopes people will accept one or the other — maybe even both and believe that combination is a “winner” where separately they are only “lunatic”.

    Even if he ever was rational I have now lost hope that he can someday be restored to sanity. Offering several discredited ideas in one plan is a sign of something — but it is not a good sign. It is a something that could destroy this fair province. Hopefully the Liberal Party will stage an internal coup and give him a long much needed vacation where proper care is available.

    Recall that the plan behind the GEA had been discredited by many competent economists, scientists and engineers before it was enacted. If this were war time his acts would be considered economic sabotage and high treason. Instead his acts the attract the New Age types and Pyramid Power enthusiasts who support him with prayer sessions to Gaia and dreams of New Eugenics Programs…

    This program has been discredited before he would attempt to promote it. Does anyone spot a similarity? Now it is Locavore plus Finance Plan.

    Someday his fellow Liberals will realize how they are perceived — but not before great damage is done.

  5. If McGuinty is willing to sell the 100 mile diet as a cure for our economic woes…. Will he next impose the South Beach Diet?/i …and if so — what will it do for us. Perhaps it could cure our Health Insurance problems! Maybe if he hooked an Industrial Wind Turbine to their “special Internet” it could power the whole system to success — and cure the common cold!

    Be sure to write and ask him that question.

    Just askin’

  6. Ohh he makes my skin crawl, put on ur
    Cap buddy look at the farmer Dalt!
    Does he do the math?

    + thousands of Wind turbines – prime acreage = importing food ( that we normally would produce locally)

    = total dumass!

    With the dry summer get ready to pay much more then $10 more without even trying!
    Ta da !

    So sick of hearing how toronto is so into farmers products blah blah blah
    Get on board then people!!

  7. Yes — McGuinty is offering a “Start-up Plan…”

    See here:

    One often sees business plans or pitches along the lines of “yeah we’re going after a well-entrenched market, but it’s a very big one and we need to get only x% of it to be profitable” where x is often ridiculously low.

    Is this a valid business model? I’m pretty sure reading or hearing somewhere how bad of an idea that was, does anyone has any pointers?

    Yes, it’s bad, investors will rate you right away as clueless.

    One way to think about it: why is your x% any more reasonable than say, 10 times less, or 10 times more? You do realize that when you say “housing is a trillion dollar market”, and we only need to capture 1% to be billionaires, it doesn’t make any sense. 1% seems low, which is why you assume: “anyone could get 1% of anything”. It’s top-down thinking. Now think bottom-up. 1% of the housing market is 10 million households. How am I going to get 10 million people to use my product? If you can answer that, then you are in good shape.

    One more way to think about this: redefine your market so you become the leader in that sub-market. That’s pretty much the only way that makes sense. We want to be the best at “housing for 2-income families in New York”. Ok, now I can believe you know what you are trying to do.

    — Invest in McGuinty — buy Lottery Tickets —

  8. Can somebody pass along this PDF to McGuinty? “How to win a Business Plan Competition”. Thanks I appreciate that, I know he will enjoy it… even if the information is new and radical…


    9. 1% of the Market – Don’t ever say, “If I can just get 1% of the market…” Bankers and investors hear this ALL the time. The problem is that just stating that you will secure 1% of the market is not a plan. Explain exactly how you plan to capture market share rather than just assuming a small number like 1%. (This is a MUST-READ blog post on – How to Calculate Market Potential for Your Startup) [see link on the PDF]

    10. $100 Billion Dollar Market Potential – Let’s say that you sell a medical device that is used in just about every hospital in the world. So you say that your market potential is the entire $100 billion dollar annual market. Is that really your market potential? Are you going to be able to get sales reps to all of these hospitals, and then distribution set up to service your contracts? No. Your market potential is not $100 billion, at least not today. It is much more meaningful to outline the true market potential that your company could realistically capture in the next 12 to 18 months.

    Draw his attention to the above two points — no not for him silly! — for yourself! — it’s your money he’s wasting…

  9. McGuinty’s sole contact now with the agriculture community is reduced to an appearence at the IPM, where his handlers usually dress him up in a denim shirt and have him drive a red tractor. He has but one MP left from rural Ont and he is not in cabinet. Iggy promised something similar in the federal election. It must be Toronto Liberals’ idea of cutting edge plans for agricultural marketing.
    Marketing of beans, corn, barley, beef and pork has progressed a little from the local market stand, I don’t think Liberals realize this, or have a clue about modern farming practices, or rural Ont in general.

    • For McGuinty to promote these schemes he only needs knowledge of the latest pop-trends in Green Energy and access to the local Gaia temple.

      What he is promoting has nothing to do with agriculture and has much more to do with New Age thinking and Post Normal Science — concepts popular within the Liberals and the oh-so-supportive Ontario NDP.

      All of these ideas can be absorbed by osmosis merely by “hanging out” with graduates of the York U environmental programs and hanging out at yuppie lawyer bars. There is absolutely no need to get a farmers tan, muddy boots or hand callouses.

      • I wouldn’t give McGuinty too much credit for
        knowing anything more than what his handlers
        script him to say. His recent concessions to us
        rural hicks aren’t worth a barrel full of monkey piss.

  10. I made an Interesting find. From the NFU a document in support of the planned subsidies:

    See page 9 — protection of the environment… I would fit nicely with the Locavore theme and back up the McGuinty meme that they must protect Gaia from Rura Ontario and that use of fossil fuels is evil. A meme that grows more tiresome daily.

    Most of the document is about subsidies for small farms. There are some gems about seeds and seed trading — things like that — mostly it is a bout protecting farmers and maintaining farm-gate prices — an objective that seems noble on the face of it.

    I am beginning to hate documents that ask for handouts. On the other hand the subsidies requested would be a small fraction of the subsidies dished out in the GEA. I am guessing farmers are beginning to think that if we can subsidize something as useless and financially draining as Green Energy — why not subsidize carrots, strawberries, lettuce and local farmers markets. They have a point. What indeed is the difference? Besides if we all subsidize each other we will all live in equal poverty. Surely that is the goal of our current government and their partners in crime.

    On the other hand we could scrap the Green Energy Subsidies and so no to the farmers too — all parties could well be better off.

    Some casual hunting around the web and using a search engine to track this story will reveal the parties behind the moves. It does indeed like like a “bone” for rural Ontario to restore rural Ontario to McGunity’s camp. Any takers for this bone? Woof!

  11. Isn’t this a pleasant announcement.
    His new “bill” is sure to remove our choice of who will farm and how food will get to market, where we can buy it, how it will be priced … Just as with the green energy act was sold as progressive and bold!
    Blindly and rapidly ram it through before anyone realizes the consequences. Thank goodness rural Ontario people have eyes wide open.

  12. How will it be possible to grow market crops which require field workers when the fields are surrounded by IWTs and these areas are unsafe to work in?
    Notice all the IWT photos are always shown in fields with crops that are worked by machinery where the operators would be inside protected vehicles?

  13. Yup, he’s back at it again. Dolting McRadish is now trying to appease the rurals’ with another one of his hair brained schemes… “Local Food Act” This man just doesn’t get it, he’s so far removed from reality it would take him several light years to get back. Been buying everything locally whenever possible for years now so probably won’t be a big deal for us in this household. There’s an ulterior motive to everything this guy does, so I think I’ll just hang on to my 10 bucks for now.

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