Kincardine acknowledges health problems reported by residents in wind developments

The Kincardine Independant
Kincardine council has passed a motion to officially acknowledge the health problems reported by residents who live with in wind energy developments in the municipality.

The motion, introduced by councillor Ron Coristine, also confirms that the municipality is willing to continue talks with wind energy developers, the provincial government, other local governments, health agencies and residents affected by wind turbines to “develop effective mitigation measures.”

Mayor Larry Kraemer expressed concern over the wording of the motion. “We certainly don’t have the expertise to acknowledge health-related problems,” he said. “It could open us up to legal repercussions, in my opinion.”

Coristine countered that it is time the municipality recognized what is happening in its municipality. “Whether I’m a doctor or not is irrelevant,” he said. “People are telling us they are suffering from this and we’re acknowledging that.”

Council voted in favour of the motion, with just Kraemer and councillor Ken Craig voting against it.

3 thoughts on “Kincardine acknowledges health problems reported by residents in wind developments

    • It is not part of, but certainly an outcrop of the GEA. As in all legal matters that may crop up it is very important to put things “on the record”. This is now on the record an a minor part in proceedings into the future.

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