Brindley Family: no resolution 6 years later

Read full submission Brindley_Health Canada Submission Nov 21 2012 and ask for a full inquiry, now.

“In March of 2006, the Kingsbridge 1 Wind Farm became operational, however; as every company of this size must do they have to build their equipment. So the turbines were built, during this time period while they were NOT connected to the power line they still turned, the closest of the 7 turbines was approximately 656m away with the main transmission line only 43 meters away from both the house and
the barn. This turning created a lot of “white noise” which was disturbing to sleep and concentration levels started to decrease. However, once they became “operational” the turning speed increased and the issues got worse. Some of the issues included headaches – constantly, lack of concentration – unable
to do basic math, lack of sleep.

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Our family dog also exhibited behavioural changes including being lethargic. Our livestock started displaying behaviour issues; they were very nervous and began showing untrustworthy attributes. These cattle were previously quiet cattle.

Meaning that after they calved you could handle them, pet them and trust our children around them. However this was just the start of what was to come. Testing was started by Hydro One to see what the issue was: as the cattle where very jumpy and also, the basic shock levels were increasing. (You know like when you drag your feet across the carpet then touch someone or reach for a door. Only thing was this was happening around the barn yard and outside the house as well.) Due to the increasing “shocks” we had to wear shoes in our house at all times. You had to be very careful when you went to shower, bathe or do dishes, as the shocks were much stronger when the turbines were working. However, the tests were
never completely accurate as the wind company kept turning off the turbines in our area when they knew testing was going on. That didn’t stop the issue however, as they still had many others pumping electricity down the lines past our farm.” Read full submission

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  1. It often happens that when you push to read the rest it says NOT FOUND?? Does that mean the paper etc has taken it down??

  2. I have copied the whole article complete with pictures. I did it yesterday, and I am not able to access the rest of the article today. I am going to bring it with me to let Dr. Jaeger have a good look at it. No one with half an ounce of compassion could deny the suffering that is going on. How long can they go on pretending that it is not real?

  3. Carol; It could be the paper etc. was influenced by the wind co./ Lying Liberal Gov. somehow, to take it down. After all, if they are corrupt enough to shut off the turbines, when they know testing is being done, it follows they`d do their best to suppress any negative press regarding their IWTs.

  4. The Brindley family is to be applauded for their courage to come public with their horrific story. This is exactly why we need an inquiry. The government has been hiding this stuff behind their “no problems here” stance.

    • Photos of victim’s injuries are needed but faces don’t need to be shown. Visual evidence is so important.
      Once visual evidence is shown, then blame can be assigned to those responsible for human and animal injuries.

      • Only photo/photos of injuries and the name of the project & location causing the problems/injuries is all that is needed. No need for people to reveal their names at all.

      • barbara
        These people have nothing else left and you have no idea how brave this act is. 6 years of trying to solve things through province and feds without being “out there”. Because people have been trying to get things sorted out through government they have been private.
        Many victims stories have been told with names not revealed and that is fine but if they choose to come forward then they deserve a medal not a question about whether they should have their names out there.
        For years victim stories have been called anecdotal even though there have been many,many families who have been public in this past 6 years. I have been to meetings where people have told their personal story and at the end there are still comments that the stories are only anecdotal. Seriously!
        We all know damn well why it is so hard to go forward because of stigma attached to speaking out.
        The data included in this story should horrify people, photos or no photos.

      • Agreed, but one sure way to inform the general public is to post photos of injuries and that people don’t need to identify themselves to do this. People have been intimidated long enough and those responsible have to be outed.
        It’s understandable if people don’t want to reveal their injuries as they have already been through enough.
        Thanks to the Brindley family for their continued courage!

    • Government is now swimming in fraud.To bad they have a float (that’s us) That is what they are good at. We are all actors in this fraud by not knowing the truth on half of the crap that’s going on. New system would be better.

  5. Thankyou to the Brindleys for putting this into public view! This is happening all over the province. People are getting sick, some slowly, some right away but symptoms are consistent across the board. Some may not experience all symptoms, everyone is different. This is the nightmare that all of us living under the shadow of proposed turbines dread. People continue to come forward steadily, although most aren’t public about it. For the people who have put their nightmare of living with turbines out there, along with their name are so brave. They are not a statistic on a graph. They are not an ‘anecdote’. They are decent hard working people who have been decimated.
    The data is there.
    The peer reviewed health study by Nissenbaum, Hanning and Aramini is telling and should be reason enough to put an end to turbine project approval. This carefully conducted study shows only a part of the harm to people exposed to wind turbine emissions. Heart, blood pressure, nausea, headaches, severe vertigo, rashes, sores; all as real and prevelant as is the depression and sleep disturbance made ‘official’ by the Nissenbaum study. Please note, this was a real study, not another lit review as per govt. documentation.
    MORATORIUM and INQUIRY need to occur right now. MORATORIUM: This harm needs to stop right now. It goes beyond simply stopping the FIT program. Stopping the FIT program will not stop the harm currently occuring nor will it help all of us living under the threat of turbine proposals, it will not examine how a corrupt industry has been given so much leeway and it ignores the tragedy of those who have suffered enough. INQUIRY: if we don’t look at this in its entirety, we will see it happen again and more easily with the next corrupt and greedy batch of carpet baggers.

      • Be sure to read the Internal Injuries Section because electrical shocks can cause un-noticed damage to internal organs.

      • Electrical shock burns leave a mark where the electricity enters the body or any electrical burns leave an entry mark and sometimes an exit mark with surrounding tissue damage.
        The burns don’t have to look bad for internal organ damage to be done.
        And the situation here is that multiple shocks are happening to people and animals over an extended time period. The initial shock damage might be small but repeated shocks?
        Most of the time the shocks are on the hands and feet.

  6. That’s what happens when your home is now akin to living in a microwave oven. Government knows all this.

  7. I don’t know how they can continue to deny that there is serious harm being done to people , animals, communities, and even our economy, which will suffer a loss of jobs as well as our rural areas being turned into industrial wastelands. What part of this fiasco is so difficult to comprehend? Oh ya, the part where they don’t get to steal any more of our money for products that don’t even work. What a scam! If it wasn’t for the money, this would have been blown out of the water ages ago, but gag orders, closed door meetings, secret money deals everywhere, these things have caused many people to deny the truth, as disgusting as that is. Our political system is in need of a complete overhaul, this should never be allowed to happen again.

    • This is the reason why anything and everything is done to keep injured people from testifying. The general public has to be kept in the dark.

      • also the exact reason we need a full on federal public inquiry so everyone can speak without fear.

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