Brent Green, Melancthon: “…life is hell living here…”

Health Canada Submission: Brent Green
“Hello my name is Brent Green I live in melancthon township in the village of corbetton I have been here 17 years loved living here until the nightmare started when they turned the turbines on In 2008 shortly after they were up and running I realized I was being woke up during the night the turbines were waking me and
keeping me awake I had to go on medication now life is hell living here and nobody cares I am an innocent resident I know this is not fair that my life could be so disrupted by green energy please help because someday I would like to get back to a normal life without medication brought on by the Turbines.”

“I have lived in my home for 17 years and for 13 years there were no problems. Then the wind turbines started operation and I have been unable to sleep. I am not sleeping and am run down. I am depressed and stressed. When I wake up, I wake up angry and frustrated. I don’t enjoy my property any more. This was not normal for me as I have always been energetic.

My quality of life has been lost. We wanted to renovate our home to our dream home but I have no motivation to finish the renovations. I don’t enjoy my property anymore and never go outside.
I have to take medication. I started at a low dose but had to build up to 4 times the dose to keep me going. I managed to get it back to the original dose but now I am back to 2 times the dose again. I can’t sleep without my medications and have been taking them for 3 years now.

I would love to sell our home. I don’t want compensation for the years of misery but would like to relocate to a home of equal value. Every time I think of selling, my conscience bothers me. How can I sell to someone and just walk away knowing what I know? I wouldn’t want a young family living here.
Our township has not helped. After years of fighting for relief I know that no one cares. Our governments just don’t care. No one cares.” Read full Health Canada Submission

7 thoughts on “Brent Green, Melancthon: “…life is hell living here…”

  1. Needing medications like this just to stay in your home can be dangerous to longterm health. These are chemicals and who knows what kinds of physical damage they can cause.?
    Thanks Brent Green for speaking up!

    • Maybe some who need to take medications to remain in their homes, without identifying, themselves, would reveal which medications they need to take? Then others can look these medications up to learn what the side effects and long term effects are involved here.
      But the name of the project and the location would also help.

      • Prescription medications list is what will reveal the most information.

  2. How sad. It is a sad state of affairs when people such as Brent are forced to live like this in Ontario, Canada. It boggles the mind. Canada the land of opportunity and plenty. Shame on the Feds for allowing this to happen. Yes, I am we’ll aware that the turbine issue is supposed to be a provincial one. However, when your citizens are not being protected, because a Premier is on a green crusade to fulfill his own agenda, then there is a REAL problem.

    Thank you for sharing your story, Brent. One if these days they are going to realize you are right!

  3. Behind every Victim of Wind Turbines are a THOUSAND negligent civil servants.

    Victims of wind turbines have already endured too much. We are normal people; we have told our stories. The real surprise is that these negligent civil servants continue to be employed by our governments.

    Let’s shine the light on THEM.

    For example, we all witnessed a huge offence when Frederika Rotter said in the Chatham municipal building during the Opening Submissions of the first-ever REA appeal for a wind turbine project given under the Green Energy Act:
    “We will see in the course of this hearing that lots of people are worried about windmills. They may not like the noise, they may think the noise makes them sick, but really what makes them sick is just the windmills being on the land because it does impact their property values. That’s what makes them sick is that, you know, they’ll get less money for their properties, and that’s what’s causing all this annoyance and frustration and all of that.”

    Here is Frederika Rotter, acknowledging wind turbines can degrade people’s health, that they DO decrease property values, and that she understands there is plausibility that property value loss could be so distressing as to produce physical symptoms. And then she argues on behalf of Ontario taxpayers… blah, blah, blah…..

    Have you witnessed a negligent, corrupt, lying, incompetent civil servant? If so, tell us about him or her!

  4. Surrounded by 18 IWTs within a 3 km radius of my house, my medication of CHOICE is to get in my car and drive away to a distance of AT LEAST 20 km and STAY AWAY for as LONG as POSSIBLE, financially and otherwise.
    IF I stay at my toxic house, and the wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, humidity and temperature conspire to give me extremely painful symptoms such as the past week while the MoE technicians were measuring the wind effects AND I agreed to push a button to record the start of the symptoms, I did have to resort to taking pain killers [Advil/Ibuprofen] on two different days.
    Because pain killers cause my stomach to spasm, I only take drugs when the pain is 8 or more on a scale of 0 to 10.
    Pain levels below 8 do permit some “rest”, but more often than not, I get out of bed in the morning as tired as when I went to bed.
    There have been times when the pain is described by ER personnel as “SCREAMING PAIN” which, for me, is 11/10.

    • Are these prescription strenght medications maybe combiined with something like codeine or ther drugs?

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