Opponents want wind companies to get cold shoulder

Don Crosby, Owen Sound Times
Opponents of wind energy in West Grey want the municipality to back up its recent decision to not be a willing host for wind energy by refusing to co-operate with developer NextEra, which has plans to build a wind farm near Priceville.

West Grey resident Orah Randall told councillors they should put their money where their mouth is and refuse to have any dealings with NextEra. Last month council passed a motion saying it was not a willing host for wind energy development. NextEra Energy is in the final stages of planning to build 14 wind turbines east of Durham and wants to hold its consultation meeting with council on Dec. 3.

“If we’re saying no we don’t want wind turbines, then I encourage council to stand by its no. Don’t consult or co-operate with NextEra,” Randall said during a presentation to council this week. Grant Pattullo said the 14 wind turbines near Priceville are just the start of what will eventually be many more in other parts of the municipality. He wants council to refuse to provide any services to NextEra such as renting municipal facilities for the company’s public meetings, or providing police protection for NextEra workers who have been threatened. Read article

1 thought on “Opponents want wind companies to get cold shoulder

  1. All communities need to have a locked door policy when it comes to dealing with the wind companies. We do not let them into our towns, municipal offices, on our roads, or anywhere else they may wish to go. Let them destroy their own communities, or they can search out liberal communities where they claim to love this phoney green energy. Funny though, all those homes up for sale surrounded by those turbines, and NOT ONE of those hypocrites have come round to purchase one “for the good of the planet”! Not a surprise at all, is it? HEY ALL YOU GREEN POSERS OUT THERE! HOUSES FOR SALE!!! Lots of renewable energy machines, as far as the eye can see,, gently humming you to sleep at night with their clean, green, lullabies. Don’t wait for Spring, do it now, maybe McGuinty will give you the down payment, he seems to have LOTS of money to throw around (as long as you are a liberal).

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