Start of Haldimand County wind turbine destruction in pictures

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22 thoughts on “Start of Haldimand County wind turbine destruction in pictures

  1. I like to know why the media calls McGuinty, Premier McGuinty? he resigned did he not? Yes the pics are horrible for us to see. The picture of ruined Ontario all at our expense in health and hydro bills and home devaluation. This guy resigned I believe he knew he is cooked on this green energy clown act. This project should have been block-aid-ed to aid and protect the public from the stupid servants we hired and should have fired that has caused this destruction.

  2. Don’t forget this is only the first project. 2 more are in the works. A big thank you to McTurbine who pushed for it and to Hogwart and the Dippers who did nothing to stop any of it. Also Spewitt, the mayor who plaintively said there is nothing Haldimand Council can do – and then appears in a Samsung commercial. Thank you, thank you for allowing the county to be ruined! Merry freaking Christmas.

  3. There now are many reasons why rural Ontarians would want to blocade access to IWTs. Why should rural Ontarians be subjected to injuries like those caused by electrical shock burns and internal injuries from electrical shocks? Same applies to their livestock.
    Rural Ontarians are nothing more collateral damage to developers.

  4. Hewitt , you are a coward , you damn well know you could have stood up for the people, you could have had the decency to show a effort , the Mayor of Wainfleet did, she stood for her people .

  5. Good job with the pictures. I know we hate looking at the things but the pictures are nessessary to tell the story. Send them to the Wind Action Group email
    as well so everyone, particularly the media can use them. They have an Ont section for pictures.
    I am working on the 300+ turbines in my area if the weather ever clears up. The Erieau wind farm is looking to be a huge disaster. They are building a wind farm around and right up to a town of 3000 people.

    • Yes please send in pictures — they tell a story in themselves– don’t even need accompanying words. And the wind company’s really don’t like you showing pictures of raptors, and bulldozed trees, destroyed local roads — everything we aren’t supposed to see. We really need locals to be the reporters, as painful as it might be, so many thanks to all who send in their pictures and stories – you are sending a powerful message to the rest of Ontario.

  6. I hope the people remember each and every politician who did not stand up and scream at the injustice being done to the people they were supposed to be representing. They all should be out of a job and their reputations destroyed so that no one ever wants to hire them for anything, except maybe jack-hammering the concrete bases of wind turbines, or something equally nasty. Our lives and homes are being ripped apart so that they can sell cheap energy to U.S. and Quebec. Disgusting.

  7. Shellie, Yes your area is being ripped apart to sell “cheap?” energy to us in the U.S. and we who are in rural mid America is having our land ripped apart to sell energy – I guess it might be cheap since taxpayers are paying for it to who knows to who. Governments are so “taken” with the concept of “green” they have no concept of what is happening in the “real world”. In our country “stopping the government handouts” may help. These companies live off (at least in the case of the USA, the govenment handouts).
    Good luck in your fight and pictures help to tell the stories.

    • Some of the U.S. “green” developers are also operating in Ontario. Connections uncovered here lead back to VIPs in the States with Washington connections. California connections have also been uncovered. Michigan, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, New York included as well.

    • The energy our province has to “dump” is sold off cheap or even given away at times, but I am sure the cost savings will not be passed on to the average American citizens, greedy corporations will swallow that before it has a chance to trickle down to the consumer. Our government makes us pay high prices for the “renewable” energy first, before we are allowed to tap into the dependable, reasonably priced energy. The more turbines and solar panels that go up, the higher our bills get. Soon we will not be able to afford their overpriced energy, so we will be forced to chop trees to burn for warmth, and burn candles for light. That’s regressive and short-sighted on the part of the liberals and the NDP. 2 jobs lost for every 1 created in the renewable energy sector. Please tell me how they can continue to push this ridiculous agenda,. I wish luck to all whom are involved in similar battles with governments who refuse to admit that this whole fiasco is a huge mistake on their part. We will continue to educate everyone till the day this is corrected,.

  8. Rural Ontario was designated years ago as the “electrical generation centre for Green Energy for export to the U.S.A.”
    This was in CANWEA’s “WindVision 2025” handbook on page 12 and apparently is coming true as we watch our beloved Rural Ontario having it’s guts literally ripped out by the foreign Wind Developers. McGuinty has “sold us all out” and should be charged with “treason”.
    But of course it’s all right to commit massive savage harm to people but don’t try and raise money for a football program for kids and use your office’s letterhead or you’ll be thrown out of Government!!!!

  9. Why can’t we throw McGuinty out of office with such ease? Certainly he has been proven guilty of countless more serious issues, and I don’t think I even need to begin listing them at this point. He is sticking around causing more trouble while he is on the way out, with no way to control the destruction he is causing. He has resigned before we could fire him, let’;s chuck him out! Enough of politicians who think they are “above the laws”.

  10. The drivers of the stone trucks are absolute maniacs. Total disregard to the speed limits. I have have 2 cracked windshields from these trucks throwing stones. I would love to find out if I can go after the company for this. These crazy drivers must be getting paid on a per load basis. I am not happy.

    • I sat in front of the Cafe in Selkirk having a coffee and getting some work done in my truck for about a half hour and I counted 14 of the live bottom trucks going through the stop sign. On top of that I saw 6 concrete trucks, and these were only the trucks I happened to make note of. We were heading into Dunnville 2 Saturdays ago and I had one sitting right on my ass practically pushing us along…. I caught up to one at a stop further down old #3 and he was going over 100km on a Saturday with a fully loaded gravel trailer.
      On the concession roads, I’ve seen heavy equipment traveling roads that should clearly be on floats. My wife and I have been cut off by trucks coming out of turbine roadways with mud flying off the tires.
      I’ve driven by looking at the construction and have been stared down by guys sitting in trucks and the sign holders on the road.
      This really is a gong show and I hope it settles in with Hewitt what he’s accomplished here – this will be his legacy…. I don’t know how he sleeps at night.
      If Mayor Ford in Toronto can be booted out for conflict of interest, the Municipal Integrity Commissioner would be interested in the Haldimand Moratorium, Samsung commercial and Community Bribrancy Fund….
      Our neighbours put their house on the market a month ago and every single family that has come through has asked about the turbines and haven’t come back!

  11. This is utterly sickening that Wind Tubine companys can continue building and pushing forward when the Ontario gov’t has been perogued. Knowing full well that this issue was at the forefront and on the chopping block thus why the said companies are moving quickly. The writing is on the wall with the premier, finance minister and energy minister quitting to cover up the energy scandal and these companies know that the Liberals will be defeated soon and the PCs have already “claimed” they will be re-evaluating all the energy projects in Ontario and stopping any that was not viable to Ontario as a hole, and it has already been determined that solar and wind are not.

  12. I think it might be time for a provence wide name list of companies involved in installing these IWT’s.
    I will certainly boycott any contractor involved,whether gravel pit ,hyhoe,crane operator and their other subsiduaries.
    The contractors might have a few days putting them in/up,but they will not be working after that.EVER!

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