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Response to Chris Forrest of CanWEA. I am a retiree whose pension income continues to decline in real terms. My home is my only tangible investment and all that prevents me from having to rely on government to support me entirely.

My concerns about industrial wind energy and Ontario’s race to impose such projects across rural Ontario without the benefit of any serious business plan, or indeed without any serious independent or impartial studies at all, were the reason I began researching the alleged promises of ‘green’ energy.

I am not, nor ever have been, financed by anyone and only comment as a genuinely concerned retired citizen, worried about the potential catastrophic effects IWTs could have on my property value and also concerned as one of those most threatened by potential negative health impacts, an ‘elderly.’

To have a letter of mine responded to by the vice-president communications of CanWEA, Chris Forrest, the trade association financed by the Canadian(Ontario) Industrial Wind Energy Industry, was rather surprising. Are they really worried by retirees without influence?

I do have some questions for Mr. Forrest:

i) Living in Ottawa what does he know about Wainfleet and other rural communities who are worried about the IWT projects his organization is financially committed to supporting?

ii) How close to his home is the closest operational IWT project, how many can he see from his home?

iii) Would he please support his claim about those 90 countries who he claims to be ‘expanding’ their reliance on wind energy? Specifically, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, U.K., China, Germany and Denmark?

iv) Can he show a single benefit, economic, environmental, efficiency, reliability that would support the continued subsidies from an already overtaxed population? After three years of public subsidies the ndustrial Wind Energy Industry here in Ontario can only deliver no more than 2.2% of provincial energy demand. And this is success to CanWEA?

Finally, the specific fact in my letter Mr. Forrest chose to ignore in his haste to criticize me for misinformation.

A spokesperson for NRWC, a company Mr.Forrest is paid to support, stated that the Enercon IWTs proposed for West Lincoln will be 124 metres tall. This is untrue if you actually read the specifications for these IWTs. The actual height listed in the company information is 179 metres when you include the 55-metre height of the blades. Perhaps the spokesperson and Mr. Forrest think the blades are invisible?

Andrew Watts, Wainfleet

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  1. For those of you set up to comment in the Welland Tribune do point out that on most days the IWT’s deliver about 18% of the rated output. The point is that 2.2% of our energy needs is an inflated figure.

    Also point out that IESO schedules its generators such that the energy output of the IWTs is not a factor in the reliability of the system.

    • WillR – I have never seen IESO show anywhere near 18% of even the rated output? My actual comment was that at 6:00pm on the day I submitted that letter wind energy in Ontario was contributing 2.2% of the Demand at that time. Was I surprised when they printed something that made little sense? Not really!

  2. I went onto the Welland Tribune Website to comment, but after only two comments, both against wind turbines, the comments were closed. Does this mean that they are not interested in hearing the true opinions of the people who will suffer with, and pay for, these useless machines?

  3. P.S. I keep hearing of sources of “funding” for the unfortunate people who are put in the position of having to spend all of their time and whatever money they can scrape out of the family budget to fight the onslaught of over-priced, useless, turbines being forced upon us by our government in conjunction with PRIVATE-FOR HUGE PROFIT companies from various parts of the world. PLEASE, tell us where to find such funding…I know of not one individual or group who has received any funding other than donations from families in their communities to buy signs or flyers to try to educate people before it is too late. The wind companies and the government are able to use OUR money to fight against us! This is a David and Goliath situation, and for anyone to suggest that we have funding is disgusting, unless, of course, they want to give us money to fight for our rights. But somehow I don’t believe that will happen. Citizens are forced to take whatever funds they can gather from the family budget to try to save the health of their community, the value of their homes, and the relationships that have been built up over lifetimes, and have been destroyed by the smell of free money to self-concerned farmland owners. They claim to believe whatever the Greedy Wind Companies tell them to ensure their share of the blood money, which once again, will come out off all of our pockets, in the form of high taxes and even higher energy costs. Do not believe the propaganda that the wind companies and the government are telling everyone. They are saying whatever they feel they have to say in order to make billions of dollars on our backs with NO benefit. It will NOT help our environment, our economy, our energy needs or anything else other than to spread wealth throughout a network of investors that is so thick and interwoven throughout government and Big business, that it is disgusting. That is the REAL reason that they don’t want to admit that this green energy act and F.I.T. program is a dismal failure, and a very bad thing for our province, country, and our entire world. Check out the network of investors when you get a chance, or follow Barbara’s blogs on OWR. You will feel nauseated to see the incestuous financial relationships in this fallacious industry,. I believe this is the largest ponzy scheme to date, and we do NOT want to be trapped at the bottom, paying for all the investors on top, there is no BENEFIT for the average citizen in this game. NONE AT ALL!!!! Spread the word of this scheme to everyone before the election, contact possible leaders, let them know that we know the truth, and we are not going to take their crap any more. There will be a day of reckoning soon…..

  4. Chev! Niagara Regional Council has a $9,000,000 business deal with Niagara Region’s biggest and most influential contractor who gets many of the most lucrative construction jobs in the region. The deal was for a pre-GEA 2006 wind energy project in Wainfleet that failed! Never received approval and then was turned down because there was no available grid access. As far as anyone knows this ‘deal’ still survives and the Region have already spent $1,000,000 on it even though it no longer exists!
    That same contractor has now bought into a current IWT project which is going through the approval process. There are no details available but it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that some of those involved with the failed project are still hoping to ‘roll over’ the $9,000,000 deal somehow.
    At the same time Niagara Regional Council are so pleased with themselves with the way they have built the biggest deficit ever they want to turn a multi-municipality Region into ‘One Niagara’ giving themselves even more central control over wasting our tax dollars.
    The Welland Tribune has recently begun putting a Regional section in this local newspaper. I would not take bets on this being purely coincidental and am quite sure that this newspaper is only doing what is expected of it and is using this new section as ‘One Niagara’ propaganda……….
    All in all though the Trib does print some of my letters it rarely, if ever, prints anything which can be seen as a direct criticism of Regional Council or its members.
    So, with apologies for being long winded but you have every right to ask the question regarding the Trib’s independence……………. 🙂 Mind you, it’s a long time since I read any newspaper which only printed news and comments with any real impartiality.
    Andrew Watts

  5. It seems to get more and more difficult to get anyone involved with government at any level to give an honest answer to any questions about the green energy fiasco. Not surprised. Newspapers are run by people, and people have their own agendas, and some of those agendas, can pay very well…..How are we ever going to be able to pay for all of these bribes? There seems to be more takers than givers, how’s that going to work out? What happens if people start getting off the grid in droves, buying natural gas generators or other power supplies? Who will pay for all of their F.I.T. contracts?

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